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Plan to Turn Post Office Trucks Into Stasi Data Collection Nodes


The Pentagon's spy unit has begun rebuilding a controversial database that was shut down three years ago after it was found to have been used to monitor US peace activists. The database, named TALON, included scores of reports on nonviolent demonstrations and antiwar rallies. Targets included Quaker and church groups, organizers of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protests, and student activists mobilizing against the Iraq war. The Defense Intelligence Agency has filed notice it wants to effectively revive TALON and rename it Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operation Records, with the purpose of tracking terror threats. The Washington Post reports the new database will likely inherit TALON's records




Plan to Turn Post Office Trucks Into Stasi Data Collection Nodes

Kurt Nimmo
December 21, 2010

Forget the StreetView data vacuum scandal. If an idea proposed for the money hole known as the U.S. Post Office is adopted, your friendly neighborhood postal person may be soon driving a high-tech data collection vehicle that would rival anything Google put to use for the government.


The Pentagon's spy unit has begun rebuilding a controversial database that was shut down three years ago after it was found to have been used to monitor US peace activists. The database, named TALON, included scores of reports on nonviolent demonstrations and antiwar rallies. Targets included Quaker and church groups, organizers of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protests, and student activists mobilizing against the Iraq war. The Defense Intelligence Agency has filed notice it wants to effectively revive TALON and rename it Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operation Records, with the purpose of tracking terror threats. The Washington Post reports the new database will likely inherit TALON's records.


Post Office trucks may be used to determine if you have problems with the government. Photo: Kevin Spencer.

The service’s thousands of delivery vehicles have only one purpose now: to transport mail,” Michael Ravnitzky, chief counsel to the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, wrote for the New York Times last week. “But what if they were fitted with sensors to collect and transmit information about weather or air pollutants? The trucks would go from being bulky tools of industrial-age communication to being on the cutting edge of 21st-century information-gathering and forecasting.”

“Data collection wouldn’t require much additional staff or resources; all it would take would be a small, cheap and unobtrusive sensor package mounted on each truck,” writes Ravnitzky.

He said outfitting the trucks would make “it significantly easier to spot a problem or anomaly” and the system “could assess road quality, catalog potholes and provide early warning of unsafe road conditions like black ice.”

Forget the prospect of weather forecasting or black ice. The federal government is far more interested in collecting data on citizens than it is on reporting road conditions. The NSA and the CIA don’t give a hoot about potholes.

On Monday, the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, told us what we already know – the government has created a massive Stasi-like snoop apparatus in America. “The government is creating a vast domestic spying network to collect information about Americans in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent terror plots,” Reuters reported. “The government is using for this purpose the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators,” and may soon use the Post Office if Mr. Ravnitzky’s proposal is adopted.

“The government’s goal is to have every state and local law enforcement agency in the country feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, which is in charge of terrorism investigations in the United States,” explains CBS News.

The FBI is also in the business of setting up patsies in order to promote the manufactured war on terrorism.

“Everything contained within the Post’s article has already been reported and covered in depth by this website and others in the alternative media that have consistently warned of the threat of the exponential rise of the big brother spy system over the past decade,” writes Steve Watson.

“The Washington Post report notes that such suspicious activity reports are just one piece of information being collected at the local and state levels and fed into a vast ‘Guardian’ database via fusion centers, which ultimately connect to the FBI, the DHS and even the Department of Defense,” Watson continues.

Guardian replaced the TALON database. It was created on orders issued by the deputy defense secretary during the Bush regime, the neocon Paul Wolfowitz, and was criticized for gathering information on antiwar activists and other political activists who posed no credible threat to the empire. TALON reports were collected by Defense Department agencies including law enforcement, intelligence, counterintelligence and security, and were analyzed by a secretive Pentagon agency, the Counterintelligence Field Activity.

CIFA was supposedly “disestablished” and the TALON database shut down. Of course, that was merely public relations spin – intelligence databases are never shut down. Instead, they are repurposed. TALON is now Guardian and it continues its legacy of collating data on threats to the establishment and its profitable occupations and covert wars in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere. Guardian has nothing to do with al-Qaeda, the fake terror group that takes its name from another database.

The Post Office data collection scheme will undoubtedly be used in the same way Google’s StreetView was used – to vacuum up wireless data and ferret out intelligence.

In July, Consumer Watchdog issued a newswire calling for the Energy and Commerce Committee to conduct hearings into privacy violations by Google. John M. Simpson of the non-profit group said “it appears that Google holds classified U.S. government contracts to supply search and geospatial information to the U.S. government.”

In addition, White House records show that Google executives have been holding meetings with U.S. national security officials for undisclosed reasons. Finally, it also appears that Google’s widely criticized efforts to collect wireless network data on American citizens were not inadvertent, contrary to the company’s claims.

As history has repeatedly shown, alliances between the U.S. intelligence community and giant corporations that collect data on American citizens can be a toxic combination where the U.S. Constitution is concerned.

Now the Post Office is about to be thrown into the effort to create a massive and all-encompassing electronic panopticon. “Such a system could aid in homeland security by rapidly detecting chemical agents, radiological materials and, eventually, biological attacks,” Ravnitzky avers.

It will also be used to determine user behavior over public Wi-Fi hotspots, a charge made against Google by the German Data Protection Authority in May.

The government is not worried about al-CIA-duh or the remote possibility of a biological attack. It is concerned – as the DHS report on “rightwing extremism” and the similar report issued by MIAC revealed – about the political activity of ordinary Americans.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” is said to be the motto of the Post Office. If the government has its way, the motto will need to be updated to include “and data-mine your personal information” to make sure you are not a threat to the establishment.






NSA? The Postal Service is watching you, too
In 2013, the Postal Inspection Service processed tens of thousands of mail covers


by Courtney Clark | People's Blog for the Constitution | June 23, 2014

With the ongoing debate about mass spying by the NSA, many Americans are reconsidering their reliance on telephone and electronic communications. But is it safe to trust the US Postal Service (USPS)? You may not want to know….

In 2013, the Postal Inspection Service processed tens of thousands of mail covers, and also “photograph[ed] the exterior of every piece of paper mail” processed by the USPS through the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program revealed last year.

Last July, the New York Times explained that “Snail mail is subject to the same kind of scrutiny that the National Security Agency has given to telephone calls and e-mail.”

A Postal Service Inspector General report released last month suggests that even the more restrained mail cover program should raise concerns.

A mail cover is used to record data presented on the outside of a piece of mail. This service is used for investigative measures within the Postal Inspection Service, but is also available to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

According to the USPS Inspector General, law enforcement agencies requesting mail covers must first meet the requirements of the US Postal Inspection Service. They must demonstrate clear reasoning justifying their need to use these services, including details on the violation of law, or proof that a crime has been committed and how the mail cover would be of assistance in the investigation.

The Inspector General’s recent audit covered September 2013 through May 2014, and shows that post office officials failed to put in place compliance procedures over the course of 3 years, placing both privacy and security at risk.

The audit reveals that post office personnel were not abiding by Postal Service requirements when handling mail covers. Based on 196 randomly analyzed criminal mail cover requests, 21% were approved by someone not in an authoritative position; and 13% did not have accurate or required justification.

Another 27% of mail covers received from the Criminal Investigative Service Center (CISC) for processing were not entered into the Inspection Service Integrated Information System (ISIIS) within the allotted time period for compliance and regulation checks. This means that a whopping 61% of all criminal mail covers across the nation had some sort of legal deficiency.

Also, ISIIS has produced questionable and unreliable information due to insufficient system controls. Due to this deficiency in the ISIIS, 928 mail covers were found to remain active even though they should have ended many moons ago.

These findings led the Inspector General to articulate a disturbing concern:

“Insufficient controls over the mail covers program could hinder the Postal Inspection Service’s ability to conduct effective investigations, lead to public concerns over privacy of mail, and harm the Postal Service’s brand.”

The public is most definitely concerned with dragnet invasions of privacy. Just a month after the Snowden disclosures forced a long overdue (and still ongoing) debate about government surveillance, the press also revealed the USPS Tracking Program, which stores metadata about snail mail for up to 6 years.

Leslie James Pickering, one of many investigative targets, accidentally received a handwritten card delivered to his home in September of 2012 with instructions to monitor and copy every letter and package sent there. Shocked by this apparent “confidential” note, Post Office personnel soon confirmed they were keeping track of all mail addressed to Mr. Pickering, but did not care to share anything else.

His participation in the Earth Liberation Front, an environmental group described by the FBI as “eco-terrorists,” might explain the basis for the government interest. Group affiliation, however, is constitutionally protected under the First Amendment, so even that basis for scrutiny would not suffice to render USPS surveillance legal.

The USPS Tracking program was created after the anthrax attacks in 2001. Mark D. Rasch, who worked on numerous fraud cases using mail covers at the Department of Justice, said, “In the past, mail covers were used when you had a reason to suspect someone of a crime…now it seems to be, ‘Let’s record everyone’s mailso in the future we might go back and see who you were communicating with.’ Essentially you’ve added mail covers on millions of Americans.”




Germans under Hitler denounced their neighbors and friends not because they genuinely believed them to be a security threat, but because they expected to selfishly benefit from doing so, both financially, socially and psychologically via a pavlovian need to be rewarded by their masters for their obedience.


At the height of its influence around one in seven of the East German population was an informant for the Stasi. As in Nazi Germany, the creation of an informant system was wholly centered around identifying political dissidents and those with grievances against the state, and had little or nothing to do with genuine security concerns.











Torture Pre Conditioning

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Since 9/11, the globalist puppets have been dancing about their little stage conducting their rhetoric on torture. This rhetoric is tied to the Hegelian Dialectic. A mass mind control device with the sole purpose to precondition the public. A fantasy, where we all believe our leaders are firmly in charge of what is right and just. Flip the script on that notion and the CIA's playbook reveals itself, A giant mind game presented to the average American superimposed on a massive infrastructure determined to cross the finish line on the END GAME.







Mastering The Human Domain

  • Who You Are – Collected information includes names, addresses, biometrics, social media accounts . 
  • What You Do – Travel history, communications, financial transactions and movement of physical assets. 
  • Who You Know – Relational information including family, friends, associates and organizations. 
  • Context – Contextual data such as demographics, politics, cultural norms and religion. 


A closer look at the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise, specifically its “master the human domain” motto, reveals a larger agenda in regards to domestic policy.

...“They’re building an infrastructure of tyranny,” stated Infowars David Knight. “There’s a legal infrastructure with things like the NDAA, there’s a technical infrastructure with things like the capability to do dragnet surveillance, and then of course there is going to be a military and law enforcement infrastructure, and those are merging.”




Full Presentation









In the video below, Alex Jones highlights how the Guardian Centers video is yet another startling indication that authorities in the United States are preparing for civil unrest as America increasingly begins to resemble a militarized police state.


U.S. Army Training to Fight Black Americans


Posse Comitatus Act

Posse Comitatus2

REX 84

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Fema Camps 2

Re-education Camps





Government Recruiting Spies for Fire Department
Big brother mentality infesting society

 Infowars receives a curious job posting showing that the Houston Fire Department has a classified position with Homeland Security.






Postal Service Caught Deploying Face-Scanning Cameras
Camera torn from the ground less than one hour after being discovered


by Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com | March 12, 2015

A face and license plate scanning camera was torn from the ground outside a Colorado post office this week less than one hour after being discovered by local reporters.



The camera, run by the United State Postal Inspection Service, the postal service’s law enforcement unit, was hidden inside a utilities box near the exit of the Golden Post Office.

According to FOX31 Denver investigative reporter Chris Halsne, the camera was mysteriously removed almost immediately after he began asking unit representatives why the device was capturing local residents.

The U.S. Postal Service responded by denying that “random surveillance” was being conducted despite the camera appearing to capture every driver that left the property.

“(We) do not engage in routine or random surveillance. Cameras are deployed for law enforcement or security purposes, which may include the security of our facilities, the safety of our customers and employees, or for criminal investigations,” U.S. Postal Inspector Pamela Durkee said. “Employees of the Postal Inspection Service are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution, including protecting the privacy of the American public.”

Employees of the post office, who were allegedly unaware of the camera, told Halsne that the surveillance device was not linked into their normal security system.

Investigating the matter further, FOX31 was unable to locate any “criminal search warrants on file in city, county, or federal court” that related to the post office’s surveillance.

“FOX31 Denver filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests with the Postal Service, Postal Inspection Service, and Office of the Inspector General in an attempt to identify the cost and scope of the Postal Inspection Service surveillance program,” the article states. “None of the agencies could provide a written data retention policy, which would detail how long USPIS could keep the images agents have been collecting from the Golden post office camera and other cameras around the Denver area.”

Hop-On Incorporated, a company known to sell surveillance systems to the U.S. Postal Service, also refused to disclose information on whether they provided cameras for Colorado’s program.

“Our FOIA requests for federal contracts and financial information about Hop-On and other contractors who sell USPS and USPIS camera equipment were returned to us void of all information,” the article says.

The incident suggests that the camera was removed by the postal service in an attempt to hide the program’s details, unsurprising given the U.S. Postal Service’s long history of surveillance.

A 2013 article in the New York Times detailed the postal service’s Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program, which records the metadata of millions of pieces of mail.

“In the past, mail covers were used when you had a reason to suspect someone of a crime,” said Mark D. Rasch, a Justice Department employee said. “Now it seems to be, ‘Let’s record everyone’s mail so in the future we might go back and see who you were communicating with.’ Essentially you’ve added mail covers on millions of Americans.”

Colorado’s surveillance program highlights how nearly every activity of the American public is under constant surveillance regardless of criminal activity.

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Big Brother - InfraGard - Surveillance on U.S. citizens - with Jesse Ventura

Big Brother is watching and it's not who you think. Jesse Ventura's investigation of government surveillance on its citizens tears the lid off a nationwide program that is thought to turn local businessmen and office workers into spies, snooping on their neighbors and ratting on their friends in exchange for information and special privileges from the FBI- including, some charge, a "license to kill."








FBI: Paying Cash For a Cup of Coffee a ‘Potential Indicator of Terrorist Activity’

Advisory aimed at Internet Cafe owners characterizes mundane behavior as “suspicious activity”

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An FBI advisory aimed at Internet Cafe owners instructs businesses to report people who regularly use cash to pay for their coffee as potential terrorists.

The flyer, issued under the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism (CAT) program, lists examples of “suspicious activity” and then encourages businesses to gather information about individuals and report them to the authorities.

“Each flyer is designed for a particular kind of business,” writes Linda Lewis, a former policy analyst and planner for the U.S. government. “For example, this list was prepared for owners of internet cafes. Unquestionably, someone planning a terrorist attack has engaged in one or more of the “suspicious” activities on that list. But so, too, have most of the estimated 289 million computer users in this country.”

Indeed, the flyer aimed at Internet Cafe owners characterizes customers who “always pay cash” as potential terrorists.

Of course, the vast majority of people who visit Internet Cafes use cash to pay their bill. Who uses a credit card to buy a $2 dollar cup of coffee? A lot of smaller establishments don’t even accept credit cards for amounts less than $10 dollars.

Other examples of suspicious behavior include using a “residential based Internet provider” such as AOL or Comcast, the use of “anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield IP address” (these are routinely used by mobile web users to bypass public Internet filters), “Suspicious communications using VOIP,” and “Preoccupation with press coverage of terrorist attack” (this would apply to the vast majority of people who work in the news or political blogging industry).

Searching for information about “police” or “government” is also listed as a potential indication of terrorism, as is using a computer to “obtain photos, maps or diagrams of transportation, sporting venues, or populated locations,” which would apply to virtually anyone who uses Google Maps or Google Earth.

People who may wish to keep private the contents of a personal email or an online credit card purchase by attempting to”shield the screen from view of others” are also characterized as potential terrorists.

Business owners who spot patrons engaging in these types of activities are encouraged to call the FBI’s Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC), after first gathering information on license plates, names, ethnicity, and languages spoken.

In total, there are 25 different CAT flyers aimed at businesses from across the spectrum – everything from hobby shops to tattoo parlors.

As we have documented on numerous occasions, the federal government routinely characterizes mundane behavior as extremist activity or a potential indicator of terrorist intent. As part of its ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign, the Department of Homeland Security educates the public that generic activities performed by millions of people every day, including using a video camera, talking to police officers, wearing hoodies, driving vans, writing on a piece of paper, and using a cell phone recording application,” are potential signs of terrorist activity.

The CAT program again underscores how federal authorities are empowering poorly trained citizens to become terrorist hunters, stoking fears that America is sinking deeper into a Stasi-style informant society. Last week we reported on how the DHS had trained hot dog sellers and other vendors to spot terrorists at this past weekend’s Super Bowl event.














Alex Jones Joins the Snitch Society 

Feel like a healthy bit of gallows humor? Seems like Alex Jones had just gotten a new gig as a Barista when his mind started playing tricks on him. All that "See Something Say Something" dogma might have gone to his head this time. Or maybe the propaganda by Big Sis, Homeland Security, Infra-guard, or those pesky F.B.I. leaflets have finally turned him to the dark side. Tune in and see what kind of trouble the alter-ego mobster style Alex Jones can get himself into when he turns Federal Informant for the Infra-Guard.





Subverting The Public








An independent agency of the United States government responsible for collecting and coordinating intelligence and counterintelligence activities abroad in the national interest; headed by the Director of Central Intelligence under the supervision of the President and National Security Council...There has been considerable criticism of the CIA relating to security and counterintelligence failures, failures in intelligence analysis, human rights concerns, external investigations and document releases, influencing public opinion and law enforcement, drug trafficking, and lying to Congress. In 1987, the former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, John Stockwell, said the CIA is responsible for tens of thousands of covert actions and destablization programs since it was created by Congress with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. At the time, Stockwell estimated that over 6 million people had died in CIA covert actions.






The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a governmental agency belonging to the United StatesDepartment of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency (counterintelligence). Also, it is the government agency responsible for investigating crimes on Indian reservations in the United States under the Major Crimes Act. The branch has investigative jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crime. The agency was established in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation (BOI). Its name was changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1935. The agency headquarters is the J. Edgar Hoover Building, located in Washington, D.C. The agency has fifty-six field offices located in major cities throughout the United States, and more than 400 resident agencies in lesser cities and areas across the nation. More than 50 international offices called "legal attachés" exist in U.S. embassies and consulates general worldwide. 

'Federal Bureau of Investigation organizes almost all terror plots in the US' ...The report reveals that the FBI regularly infiltrates communities where they suspect terrorist-minded individuals to be engaging with others. Regardless of their intentions, agents are sent in to converse within the community, find suspects that could potentially carry out “lone wolf” attacks and then, more or less, encourage them to do so. By providing weaponry, funds and a plan, FBI-directed agents will encourage otherwise-unwilling participants to plot out terrorist attacks, only to bust them before any events fully materialize.
















How could there be a War on Terror and actually say that we're having a war against terrorism, and leave the borders wide open? If you were the President of the United States, or I were the President of the United States, and 9/11 really happened the way they want us to believe it happened, the first thing you would do is shut down the borders, so people couldn't get in the country to harm you. But they left the borders wide open. Because the bankers want the borders open, because they want a one-world government. They want a North American Union. They don't want borders here. 9/11 was only a manifestation. It was done to create a fear in the American public, so that we will obey what they want us to do.




False Flag Event


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It’s no longer Al-Qaeda, it’s now supposedly your friends and neighbors.  This is the prevailing meme of every tyrannical fascist regime in history.

Attorney General Holder: American People Are Terrorists






Could Obama Face Impeachment For Bergdahl release

Total Despotism in America 

What happened in the last few weeks to change the Bergdahal situation? Was he a CIA operative, or was this a failed attempt to take the heat off the VA scandal?

Impeachment now very valid argument

Jay Carney 2013: we won't transfer detainess without consulting congress

Obama clearly broke the law

Is this a ramp up to "White al Qaeda"







AGENDA 21 Cliven Bundy Case Example

Alex Jones breaks down the bigger picture behind the move to turn the war on terror against American citizens


White House Tells Parents: Children Could Be Terrorists!

I have told you this was coming. Under the new homeland we are all the enemy in the eyes of the occupiers.


You Are Being Targeted

Assassination Program


Terrorism Big Dirty Secret

AGENDA 21 Cliven Bundy Case Example

Police Trained That Informed Americans Are Terrorists

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

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The Fake War On Terror


In 1991, the Club published The First Global Revolution. It analyses the problems of humanity, calling these collectively or in essence the 'problematique'. It notes (laments) that, historically, social or political unity has commonly been motivated by enemies in common: "The need for enemies seems to be a common historical factor. Some states have striven to overcome domestic failure and internal contradictions by blaming external enemies. The ploy of finding a scapegoat is as old as mankind itself - when things become too difficult at home, divert attention to adventure abroad. Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one, or else one invented for the purpose. With the disappearance of the traditional enemy, the temptation is to use religious or ethnic minorities as scapegoats, especially those whose differences from the majority are disturbing." "Every state has been so used to classifying its neighbours as friend or foe, that the sudden absence of traditional adversaries has left governments and public opinion with a great void to fill. New enemies have to be identified, new strategies imagined, and new weapons devised."



AGENDA 21 Cliven Bundy Case Example



Several years ago, after his popular video “Mad As Hell” was released and Aaron Russo began his campaign to become Governor of Nevada, Russo was noticed by Nicholas Rockefeller and introduced to him by a female attorney. Seeing Russo’s passion and ability to affect change, Rockefeller set about on a subtle mission to recruit Russo into the elite’s CFR.  Watch the full interview here: Reflections and Warnings.



Aaron Russo talks about the CFR...And The Fake War On Terror!

Aaron Russo talks about the CFR...And The Fake War On Terrorism!



Reflections and Warnings

Road to World Government


Educational System Dismantlement

The Fake War On Terror

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