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The Occult In Government

The Occult In Government

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer.  No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."

      --- David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations ---




"Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stanley Monteith. The story in this book is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today. Most people don't realize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations. In this book, Dr. Monteith reveals the amazing facts he discovered in his almost 40 years of research. He reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some of our leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying our nation. After reading Brotherhood of Darkness, you will never look at the world in the same way again.

Kay Griggs Reveals Evil Underbelly of Military & Govt - MUST SEE!!! FULL Interview 1998 [EDITED]

American Movement
Published on Aug 3, 2014

This interview conducted by Pastor Strawcutter is unbelievable! Mrs. Griggs, formerly married to U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs tells of her personal experience living with a Marine who is said to have an important role regarding our military - and to hear how he mistreated her, and the stories he told her, are astounding! This is the complete interview. She covers alot of ground here.


Kay Griggs - Sleeping With The Enemy [UNEDITED]

Facundo Soares Gache
Published on Oct 17, 2015

Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel's Wife, Talks Again About Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, Illegal Weapon Deals And Sexual Perversion Deep Within The Highest Levels Of U.S. Military And Government.

For 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors. First going public in 1998 in an eight hour video interview with a truth-seeking Michigan pastor and FM radio broadcaster, she now is back after 9/11 to warn Americans to beware of the evil lurking within the highest levels of government, bound and determined to destroy America. July 25, 2005.  (Continued Below)

Kay Griggs
interviewed by Jeff Rense

Reasonable Doubtt
Published on Jan 13, 2015

"Kay Griggs, former marine colonel's wife, talks about Military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual perversion deep within the highest levels of U.S. military and government."


  Kay Griggs - Sleeping With The Enemy [UNEDITED]

...Katharine ‘Kay’ Griggs knows what it’s like to have a gun pointed in her face. She knows what it’s like to have her face slapped, her bones broken and her nose bloodied by her former bully of a husband, an active Marine Colonel and a man who she claims is “above the law and literally gets away with murder.”

Virginia court documents and photos of her battered arms and legs tell the sad and brutal physical story of her failed marriage, a tumultuous 11 year roller coaster ride ending in 1999.

But the real story for public consumption isn’t the private divorce court details. It is the secret military information about drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads she learned firsthand from her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs, now remarried and living in Mirror Lake, NH.

This isn’t the first time Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret “cap and gown and skull and bone society” her husband belonged to along with other high-ranking Marine officers and pubic officials.

She first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives.

“I became a whistle blower and received death threats,” said Griggs this week in an extended telephone conversation from her Tidewater, VA. home. “I finally wound up living for safety reasons with Sarah, the dean of the White House Press Corps, who had been with every president since FDR and was in Army intelligence and also an attorney's daughter from Texas.”

Advised by McClendon to go public without being able to get the mainstream media to listen, she traveled to Adrian, MI on the advice of a friend to do a long extended taped interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter, a preacher and owner of a 500 watt pirate FM station at 99.3 on the dial in Lenawee County.

Strawcutter, who believed in free speech radio and empowering the public with the truth, produced two extended interviews finally released in 2000, one being a two hour version called “Sleeping With The Enemy” and the other an unedited eight hour version available at www.kaygriggstalks.com.

Since then Griggs said she went back to her Virginia home, tried to piece her life together and essentially talked to private groups or anybody who would take the time to listen.

Now this week Griggs decided to tell her story again, saying “I will keep repeating it to anyone” and adding after 9/11, the war in Iraq, the London bombings and the fear of terrorism, the “American people are at a point were they are ready and willing to hear the truth.”

Although they may be shocked, Griggs said the “truth will set you free,” even if it means facing up to the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials.


Troops Protect Government Drug Dealing


U.S. Military Killing Its Own Troops!

Seal Team 6 Was Executed

Pawns On The Chessboard

The Occult In Government

The Criminal Clintons




Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. 

Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" Include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male "Club" Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the "Great Owl of Bohemia."


The Occult In Government

The Occult In Government

The Occult In Government



 The Occult In Government


Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove

Get the DVD at: http://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net...
Alex Jones bringing it (in case you dont know what your leaders do) - Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California.
Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan.
The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male "Club" Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the "Great Owl of Bohemia."
Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual on Tape.




 The Occult In Government

An old photo from Bohemian Grove on the National Geographic website appeared with the following caption:

Power Party
Photograph by Gabriel Moulin, 1915

To purge himself of worldly concerns, a member of the elite Bohemian Club participated in a 1915 Cremation of Care ceremony—complete with candles and a robed and hooded comrade to guide him. This private club of influential men still meets annually north of San Francisco and uses this symbolic ritual to kick off its summer retreat. But today the ceremony involves burning a mummy-like effigy named Care at the foot of the group's mascot: a 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) concrete owl.




The Occult In Government 




The Occult In Government


The Order of Death picks up where Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove leaves off. This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies. Jones explores the roots of the Grove and its links to occult networks dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.

This new film delves deeply into the history of the Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny. The Order of Death details how the Grove has been the backdrop for some of the most earthshattering events in human history including the development of the Starwars program and the Manhattan Project.

Jones' newest forray into revealing the occult also had him butting heads with local protesters of the Grove who, like the owl-worshippers inside, try to conceal their own occult practices.

The Order of Death also features never before seen footage captured by a daring former Grove employee including an astounding look inside the owl worshiped at the Cremation of Care ritual.


Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan.

The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male "Club" Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the "Great Owl of Bohemia."

Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual on Tape. That Man is Alex Jones, the Exclusive Digital Video is Just Part of His Shocking New Documentary: DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE


The Occult In Government




Newt Gingrich Autographs Bohemian Grove Picture 

Once Again, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange confronts Newt Gingrich on Bohemian grove, but this time, Luke has proof of Newt's attendance.








If I were the devil






WikiLeaks Compilation






The Occult In Government


satanism and the CIA:

International Trafficking in Children

 Ted Gunderson shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.






Serial Killers Killing Thousands of Children Every Year


Serial Killers Killing Thousands of Children Every Year






Powerful Paedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed

An MP claims there is 'clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10'
There is "clear intelligence" suggesting a historic paedophile ring may be linked to Downing Street and a former prime minister, MPs have been told.

Labour MP Tom Watson alleged a member of a notorious group was connected to a former No 10 aide.

He said: "The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.

"One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

"The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10."

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, David Cameron said it was a "very difficult and complex case" and he was "not entirely sure" to which former prime minister Mr Watson was referring.

The Prime Minister said he would look at the case "very carefully and see what the Government can do to help give" Mr Watson the assurances he wanted.







Scalia's Death Linked To Secret Society Death Cult

Published on Feb 25, 2016

Alex Jones breaks down many weird circumstances of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death and the secret societies that were present when he died.

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Special Report: British Socialite Peaches Geldof Dead After Revealing Secret Society Initiation


April 12, 2014


Mystery looms around the death of Peaches Geldof and how her ties with the OTO and the BBC Pedophile Ring might have caused her untimely death.

This article was posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 8:12 am






From Psyops to MindWar

 Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino -- Author of Mind War and Founder of the church of set



Satanic Cults in Military Michael Aquino on Oprah Show

Michael Aquino joined the Church of Satan while he was an intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army. Michael Aquino was an expert in Psychological Warfare and appeared on Oprah's Show in 1988. Project MK-ULTRA is a mind-control program developed by the CIA that never used to be public knowledge that was tested on the military and civilians.


The Occult In Government



In 1980 an obscure internal U.S. Army concept paper, “From PSYOP to MindWar”, accidentally became public. Though only a brief, theoretical speculation, it exploded into the focus of alarmist rumors and debates for the next three decades. Is the government involved in invasion of the mind beyond the blundering, haphazard legacy of the infamous MKULTRA experiments? Even more unsettling, do such efforts extend beyond conventional scientific research to dark and arcane arts whose very existence is the stuff of legend? The answers are here, in this book by one of that 1980 paper’s co-authors, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino. Originally intended for the eyes of government policymakers alone, it is now openly available. Ironically _MindWar_ is unclassified only because a level high enough to embrace it has never been anticipated or even conceptualized. What it is capable of setting in motion is simply beyond all previous human interactive experience. For millennia violent warfare has been the scourge of humanity, and all attempts to end it through negotiated or imposed peace have brought only temporary respite. On the premise that war is endemic to the human disposition, _MindWar_ proposes to eliminate its killing and destruction by replacing it with a far more powerful kind of war - one which focuses on the human mind both individually and collectively. The persons and property of people are removed as targets, replaced by the divisive situations and problems originating in their consciousness. These are then controlled, adjusted, and reformed to produce a harmonious and cooperative total environment. The price for this solution is that, for the first time in practical history, the actual machinery of human thought is accessed, by the methodical application of science, psychology, and esoteric arts of antiquity. MindWar assumes, as did the ancients, that the ultimate aspiration of mankind is to the Good. But, like the Manhattan Project which rashly opened an earlier genie's bottle, MindWar could be misused with even more ominous consequences. Devised to save humanity, it could also supersede it. Hence this genie must be examined and evaluated while its bottle is still sealed. This book extrapolation and evolution of the original 1980 concept is not merely theoretical. It proposes "laboratory" implementation through the structural redesign of the U.S. Army’s three “Special Operations” branches: Psychological Operations, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs. A multiphase sequence of their interaction in a MindWar campaign is outlined, with the international crisis resolution procedures of the United States modified to facilitate it. In a forthcoming second volume, the structures and programs to implement this will be discussed in detail. Not merely a "military book", _MindWar_ extends its application to human political and social interaction generally, identifying and refining what were previously only vague or unknown mental processes into a new science of "thought architecture". It opens the door to a standard of rationality and precision in human affairs in which the experience and exercise of thought are finally, fully mature.





Temple of Set

An early documentary of the Temple of Set, Including Ipsissimuss Aquino his wife Lilith whom is founder of the Order of the Vampyre within the Temple and the late founder of the Church of Satan Anton Szandor LeVay.


The Occult In Government




The NSA (National Security Agency)






Occult Symbolism In The Western Hemisphere 

The Occult In Government




Occult Symbolism In The Western Hemisphere pt. 1

In this exclusive video for Prison Planet.tv members, Alex Jones, followed by a Russian film crew, travels to England, Canada and tours his own home city of Austin Texas, and brings to light startling examples of how the Illuminati’s hidden codes of communication are littered everywhere, so long as you know how to look. Alex Jones



The Occult In Government


 The Occult In Government





Occult Symbolism In The Western Hemisphere pt. 2

In this exclusive video for Prison Planet.tv members, Alex Jones, followed by a Russian film crew, travels to England, Canada and tours his own home city of Austin Texas, and brings to light startling examples of how the Illuminati’s hidden codes of communication are littered everywhere, so long as you know how to look. Alex Jones






Illuminati Themed New Years Fireworks Show
- December 31st, 2013 Sydney Australia -

Sydney Australia's Illuminati Themed New Years Fireworks Show.
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Inside the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (aka the Pyramid of Peace and Accord), this giant, 77m high, pyramid located is heaping with occult symbolism. Here is a quote from Wikipedia, “The Pyramid was specially constructed to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.” All of the world religious leaders gather here where they demonstrate religious unity and discuss visions of world peace. - See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/todays-pyramids-illuminati/#sthash.FIRu72B6.dpuf 

Inside the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (aka the Pyramid of Peace and Accord), this giant, 77m high, pyramid located is heaping with occult symbolism. Here is a quote from Wikipedia, “The Pyramid was specially constructed to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.” All of the world religious leaders gather here where they demonstrate religious unity and discuss visions of world peace.






Clip from Jonathan Newell's Steppe Tales in Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana 


Short clip from Steppe Tales travel documentary about Kazakhstan. Presenter Jonathan Newell goes to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan and takes a look around the only pyramid in Central Asia, Norman Foster's Palace of Peace and Accord. See the full video at http://caspionet.kz/eng/steppetales/a... and see the Flickr set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/steppeta... 






 Satanists Unveil 7-Foot Baphomet Statue For City's Capitol

Satanists Unveil 7-Foot Baphomet Statue For Oklahoma Capitol Next to 10 Commandments.
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Freemason Gang Runs Police Department Investigation Reveals 

Freemason Gang Runs Police Department Investigation Reveals
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Illuminati Origins of Secret Government

Infowars Nightly News reporter Aaron Dykes visits the birthplace of the world's most notorious secret society, the Illuminati, in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Professor Adam Weishaupt began his pursuit of world government by deception at the University of Ingolstadt on May 1, 1776, while preserved historical documents make clear that the Illuminati is not a myth but proven fact. Moreover, their 18th Century model for covert conquest continues today in new forms, under different names, in pursuit of a New World Order.






The World Wars Of Albert Pike

Published on Jan 9, 2015

Albert Pike served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army. Following the War, Pike was jailed for treason, He was quickly pardoned by fellow Freemason President Andrew Johnson. Among eventually becoming a 33rd degree mason and a top leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Pike was also believed to be a Luciferian. He claimed he was able to summon Lucifer at will as the Grand Master of the Order of the Palladium. Palladism or TRADITIONAL SATANISM, an ancient Luciferian cult was then introduced to the inner circle of the Masonic lodges. This influence has flourished into modern day freemasonry in the hidden rites of the upper degrees. Leaders of Industry, Entertainment,The CIA, Congress, and our military leaders are inundated with freemasonic Palladism or a Luciferian New World Order. It’s everywhere you look in Washington DC if you have eyes that see. What follows are the chilling predictions or instructions of Albert Pike’s Three World Wars, funded in great part by the House of Rothschild, from a letter that he wrote to 33 degree Italian Illuminati head and Mafia founder Giuseppe Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871.







The Occult In Government


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Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 1

This documentary was made by Chris Pinto a brilliant Christian filmmaker and is the first in a trilogy of films regarding the creation and true purpose of the American nation. If you walk around any major city particularly Washington and New York you do not see any Christian symbols. All you see are pagan and occult symbols.. You will find these same symbols in every major city throughout the world. I have travelled around cities such as London Edinburgh Glasgow and Dublin these same symbols are found in abundance.




Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. built on the 77th Meridian? And are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? 

Follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their ancient hope of establishing a democratic commonwealth that would one day extend to all nations. 

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of such societies as the leader of the Rosicrucians and first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry. As such, he is considered by some to be the true founder of America. 

For centuries, controversy has surrounded this man who is said to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and the real author behind the Shakespeare plays. 

When Bacon penned his classic work, The New Atlantis, he outlined his vision for the perfect society: a democratic commonwealth governed by scientific achievement. How were the founding fathers impacted by Bacon's plan? And is America being driven by this vision today? 

Where The DaVinci Code meets National Treasure, learn the incredible secrets of the esoteric traditions, hidden within the manifold layers of signs and symbols in our nation’s infrastructure — symbols that for many represent the secret destiny of the world's greatest nation. 

View the Trailer
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 The Occult In Government


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Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 2

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Volume 2: Riddles in Stone - The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.

This documentary explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America's capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America's newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern? Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles in Stone interviews experts on both sides of the heated debate. Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influence of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C. Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda. Was D.C. laid out according to the pattern of the stars? Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington monument? And why is the city filled with zodiac symbols, mysterious faces, and various god and goddess images? If America was founded as a Christian nation only, where are the images of Jesus Christ? Or does Washington D.C. symbolize another Christ, the Masonic Christ?



Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C., will continue to explore the fascinating history behind the origins and focus of the world's most powerful nation: America.  

Why was this nation founded? How was the precise location of Washington, D.C. determined? What is the meaning of the seemingly countless occult images in our nation's capital? Volume II zeroes in on the Masonic and Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned and began to implement the layout of America's capital. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington, D.C.  

Is there really an inverted Pentagram formed by the street layout just north of the White House? We have discovered the esoteric reason why this Pentagram is missing one segment.  

Was this city laid out to reflect the vision of a Masonic Christ foreseen by Sir Francis Bacon? Is it true that America's capital was laid out according to the stars, i.e., in the astrological shapes of certain planets and stars so revered by occultists?  

Why did our Masonic Founding Fathers perform Corn, Wine and Oil ceremonies at cornerstone layings and at the dedication of the finished structure? Does this occult wisdom represent the interests of America or a hidden agenda?  

As with Volume I, this Secret Mysteries series will continue to explore current, and possibly future, events by examining America's past. What can these realities mean for the unfolding destiny of America and the world? Now you will know that, when President Bush said he was fulfilling the "ancient hope" of the "New Order of the Ages" (as shown in Volume I) he was merely acting out the plan reflected in the street layout and in the architecture of Washington, D.C. 




The Occult In Government 


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Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings 3

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Vol 3: Eye of the Phoenix - Secrets of the Dollar Bill

Secret Mysteries Vol. III focuses on the development of the new world as "The United States of America". This video will demonstrate that the history of America's government, and of its official symbols, is a history of secret societies. Examine America's much-talked-about dollar bill and the symbols it bears. Modern masonry claims that the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid is not a Masonic symbol. But what did Freemason's President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his Masonic Vice President, Henry Wallace, believe when they attached this symbol to our currency in 1935? How were these American leaders influenced by the Russian mystic, Nicholas Roerich? Does the all-seeing eye represent the Masonic Christ? Was the eagle originally a phoenix bird? And what do all these occult symbols mean? Follow the journey of the Secret Mysteries series as we unveil their influence through the 20th century. Many believe that the real purpose of the many "Wars and Rumors of Wars" has been to establish a commonwealth of nations to rule the whole world. With the North American Union on the rise, is America the victim of deception? Or is she THE instrument of Global Government?





Finally, I have received my master copy of this tremendous title, a video which is better than either video #1 (New Atlantis) or video #2 (Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.). Only Cutting Edge could produce this video because of our 20-year study of witchcraft, our 16-year study of Freemasonry and our insistence upon lining up all this information with biblical prophecy and doctrine.

This high-quality documentary proves the following points about the two seals on the back of the one dollar bill with clarity and precision: 1) The two seals are Egyptian and Luciferian 2) The two seals were introduced by Freemasons in 1782 3) Masonic President Franklin Roosevelt, aided by his Secretary of Agriculture/Vice President Wallace, ordered these seals to be placed on the back of the dollar bill in 1935, having been urged on and advised by the Russian channeler/mystic, Nicolas Roerach. 4) Americans had no idea that the Roosevelt Administration was controlled by mystic, black magick forces. Had they known the degree to which Roosevelt was controlled by black magick forces, he would have been forced out of office immediately. 5) Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, reveals that while in the Illuminati he was taught that the two seals are not official seals of the United States but of the global Illuminati 6) Doc Marquis also reveals that these two seals hide three hexagrams plus a hidden message about Freemasonry. These hexagrams form a 666 7) We correctly link the symbolism of the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer hovering over the unfinished pyramid on the back of the dollar bill to the coming prophesied Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Masons have been steadfastly determined since 1782 to seize control of the Temple Mount so they could resurrect Solomon's Temple for use by their Masonic Christ. The Masonic Christ (Antichrist) is planned to be the Living Stone to top off the unfinished pyramid.

You will be amazed at the simple yet profound symbolism linkage and by the thorough degree to which this plan fulfills biblical prophecy exactly. You will be shocked at the realization that the stage for the fulfillment of this End of the Age prophecy was set all the way back to 1782.

Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill has been awarded a 2009 Telly Award. This is the 30th Annual Telly Awards.

From the awards:

"The Silver Telly Council, our judging and oversight body, is comprised of top industry professionals ... The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from the finest ad agencies, production companies, TV stations, cable companies, interactive agencies and corporations in the world. It is a remarkable achievement to be selected for recognition."

Eye of the Phoenix was specifically recognized among "the finest in film and video production."

Since The New Atlantis video won a 2006 Telly Award and Riddles In Stone won a 2007 Telly Award, this award for Eye of the Phoenix means that Hollywood has stamped its finest quality approval on the entire Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings series. Their judges have always felt that our scriptwriting, camera quality and editing quality were better than the History Channel.




Dan Brown Validates Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Video Series



David Bay
October 1, 2009

Here are the many ways in which Dan Brown’s book ‘Lost Symbol’ validated our ‘Secret Mysteries’ of America’s Beginnings’ video series.


Bush Tenet
Secret Mysteries: America’s Beginnings

Dan Brown’s ‘Lost Symbol’ book is not only a 509-page brochure promoting the glories of the Masonic Lodge, but it validates the information we show in our award-winning ‘Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings’ video series.

In fact, you might think of Brown’s book versus ‘Secret Mysteries’ in this manner: ‘Lost Symbol’ is the poison; ‘Secret Mysteries’ video is the antidote"!!

In fact, Brown admitted that he intended that this novel be a Masonic recruiting tool!! Listen to his quote as to why he wrote the book: "I think there will be an enormous number of people who will be interested in the Masons after this book (comes out)," Brown said" ("Freemasons await Dan Brown novel `The Lost Symbol’ " – http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090915/ap_en_ot/us_books_brown_masons )

Further, Dan Brown admits that he based ‘Lost Symbol’, in part, on a particular "anti-Masonic video"!! Listen: " The plot centers in part on an "unfair" anti-Masonic video that "conspiracy theorists would feed on … like sharks…"

The only ‘unfair anti-Masonic’ video centered in Washington, D.C., and reporting on the various Masonic symbols there, is our "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."! Indeed, we introduced "Riddles In Stone" in March, 2007, and in May, the Masonic experts whom we interviewed were so upset with how we portrayed them that they threatened to sue us! However, we had protected ourselves legally before the cameras began to roll, so they had no leg on which to stand! Furthermore, we told them to go ahead with the lawsuit, as we would like nothing better than to be able to talk about Masonic secrets in an open court!

Furthermore, "Riddles In Stone" was a favorite of "conspiracy theorists" as hundreds of thousands of people viewed the video on Google and YouTube.

Therefore, a good deal of ‘Lost Symbols’ may have been based upon Riddles In Stone.

Now, let us get into specifics:

Parallels To New Atlantis

* Unbelievable ‘Lost Symbol’ quote: American forefathers based their new world on Francis Bacon’s utopian vision, ‘New Atlantis’, a new world based upon ancient knowledge". (P. 272) Exactly what we say in our "New Atlantis" DVD! In fact, the key teaching of ‘New Atlantis’ is that our American Forefathers deliberately and precisely formed the type of Masonic government which Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth I designed in the 1590′s! ‘Lost Symbol’ just confirmed our key analysis for the entire DVD!

* Confirms our description of the Masonic bloody oaths. Dan Brown actually goes into great detail in describing the horrific bloody oaths which the initiate undergoes in Degrees 1, 2 and 3 of the Blue Lodge — the first three degrees. Later, Brown’s plot reveals the extreme sensitivity which Masonry feels about having the public see their rituals. Masonry at the very highest levels believed that, if the public were to see a video tape of exactly what these Masons do in their first three rituals, the public outcry would be so horrendous that Masonry would be destroyed!! The plot carries this threat to air a video feed of an actual ritual to the public right up until the very end. At the end, the government, headed by the Masonic head of the CIA, figure out a way to black transmission of the video feed to the outside world.

In "New Atlantis", we graphically show the mock "trial" and the execution of Captain Morgan in 1826 in the Batavia, New York area. Masons have complained about this scene as they feel it portrays them in a very bad light. Masons attempt to hide this murder in much the same frenzy as the Masons attempted to hide the bloody oaths in the first three rituals in ‘Lost Symbol’.

* Uses the painting ‘The Apotheosis of Washington’ to depict the belief that ancient gods pass information to select members of secret societies, in this case, to certain American Forefathers. – p. 86-7 We show that Rosicrucians like John Dee and Francis Bacon regularly and fervently sought communication with the spirits of the supernatural world, in order to receive information like science and medicine. All around the side of the painting, gods are communicating with select artists, inventors, and scientists of the original American Forefathers. Brown explains that these Forefathers were receiving communication of secrets of science and ‘Ancient Wisdom’ from these gods — exactly what we portray in ‘The New Atlantis’!

George Washington is called a ‘demigod’ (p. 83), Washington transformed into a god, his ‘apotheosis’, as this painting depicts. We show this painting and explain that it shows George Washington becoming a man-god, a divine, upon his death. This "translation" from manhood to godhood is the ultimate goal of every Freemason, as ‘Lost Symbol’ depicts from beginning to end.

* Confirms Ben Franklin’s connection to London Masonry – p. 128. Franklin is said to have been a part of the ‘Invisible College’, the Royal Society of London. We report that Ben Franklin was also a frequent visitor to the Hell Fire Club, which was run by the upper echelon of London Freemasonry. Franklin was coordinating the formation of exactly the type of government which Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth had planned.

* Masonry is obsessed with Ancient Mysteries, Hidden Knowledge and Lost Symbols. This theme runs throughout this entire novel! In fact, ‘Lost Symbols’ reports New Age thinking and philosophy and religious belief, I felt at times that I was reading Ruth Montgomery and David Spangler, two of the most prestigious New Age writers of the past 30 years. ‘Lost Symbol’ was filled with occult, New Age beliefs and practices.

Parallels To Riddles In Stone

* "As above, So below" – p. 39, 87, 320 – As you can see from the page layout of these references, this Hermetic maxim was a constant theme in ‘Lost Symbol’.

‘Lost Symbol’ correctly identifies this term as the occult, Masonic belief that there is a physical connection between the heavenly sphere and the earthly, and that ‘As Above, So Below’ denotes the junction where man and God become one. Therefore, Masonic architect L’Enfant, along with George Washington, conceived the plan whereby the Capital City of this New Atlantis (America) would be laid out according to patterns found in the heavenlies.

Not only were street layouts conceived by the shape of heavenly bodies or patterns which heavenly bodies carve in the night sky, but the timing of public ceremonies dedicating key buildings in Government Mall were timed to coincide with heavenly alignments. ‘Riddles’ demonstrates that D.C. was laid out according to this maxim – according to the stars and planets above. In fact, this was a major theme of ‘Riddles". This concept ‘As above, so below’ was most perfectly illustrated by the Pentagram in the street layout which was missing the same segment as the Pentagram painted in the heavens by Venus’ 8-year rotation around the Sun. Just a few days before completing this final segment of the Pentagram, Venus goes into retrograde motion, not completing the last segment — the very same segment which is uncompleted in the Pentagram in the street layout of D.C.! Therefore, since the Masons created their Pentagram street layout with the same segment missing as the Venus 8-year rotation, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that L’Enfant did layout Washington, D.C., according to the stars — ‘As Above, So Below’.


* Pierre L’Enfant confirmed as a Master Mason – p. 26. ‘Lost Symbol’ states that "it was no secret that Washington, D.C., had a rich Masonic history. The cornerstone of this very building had been laid in full Masonic ritual by George Washington himself. This city had been conceived and designed by Master Masons — George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Pierre L’Enfant — powerful minds who adorned their new capital with Masonic symbolism, architecture and art."

Shockingly, in "Riddles In Stone", both 33rd Degree Masons, Brent Morris and Trevor McKuen denied that L’Enfant was a Mason. In fact, Morris said that it was more likely that aliens came to earth to snatch L’Enfant away than it was that he was even a Mason. Yet, ‘Lost Symbol’ boldly declares him to be a Master Mason, which confirms our original research.

* Unfinished pyramid is depicted in ‘Lost Symbol’ as awaiting its capstone and as representing America’s unfulfilled destiny – p. 160-1. "Riddles In Stone" spends much time and effort speaking to the issue of the unfinished pyramid and its future capstone. We further demonstrate the Masonic belief that the unfinished pyramid represents a major, massive global work which is unfinished right now; this depiction is the ‘Old World Order’ which is the current system in which we are living. But, the ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ which is printed in the ribbon beneath the unfinished pyramid is the coming New World Order. On this point, ‘Lost Symbol’ fully confirms our research as we report in "Riddles In Stone".

But, there is more to the capstone! In "Eye of the Phoenix" we demonstrate the Masonic belief that the capstone is a Man, the Masonic Christ, whom the Bible calls Antichrist. The capstone is a MAN, whom the Masons cryptically call "Destiny". We prove from public record that the Perfect Man ruling a New World from his throne on the tympanum at the National Archives is the Masonic Christ whose name is "Destiny".

* THE secret to mystical power is revealed to be the unfinished pyramid – especially once it is capped (p. 160-7). We demonstrate in "Eye of the Phoenix" that the capstone shall be Antichrist himself. Therefore, the "capped pyramid" is Antichrist — the Masonic Christ — and he will, indeed, possess great power once he comes into his office.

That is the Illuminati Plan and that is the Biblical prophecy, running parallel.

* Later, Robert Langdon realizes that the "powerful talisman" with which Masonic leader Peter Solomon had entrusted was really the capstone of the small unfinished pyramid which Peter kept in his private meditation room – p. 103 – Once the capstone was in place, the finished pyramid had the ability to "bring order out of chaos". -. p 104

Indeed, the Masonic Christ WILL "bring order out of chaos", because his agents created the chaos in the world in the first place. After rigging the entire Old World Order to collapse, the Illuminati will trigger the final blow, a World War III. Out of the dust and destruction of this world war, Antichrist will appear. He will immediately bring order out of chaos, because leaders throughout the world will cease hostilities and grant their power and authority to the Masonic Christ. We cover "Order Out of Chaos" in all three Secret Mysteries’ Videos.

* Actually admitted that the Washington Monument is an obelisk and is 555-feet high – p. 7, 13. Masons have strenuously tried to deny that this object is truly an obelisk but ‘Lost Symbols’ frankly states it as a matter of fact. In ‘Riddles In Stone", we prove that the obelisk called the Washington Monument is the sexual shaft of the Chaldean god Baal!

Then, we demonstrate that busts of Baal are very, very common in Government Center. This fact backs the assertion that one of our expert witnesses states quite emphatically at the beginning of "Riddles In Stone", who said, "Masonry is a worship of Baal".

* "Circles within circles, brotherhoods within brotherhoods" – p. 11 – Confirms our teaching that Masonry has its secrets hidden within layers of deceptive meanings.

In ‘Riddles In Stone", we interview Dr. Bob Hieronimus, a life-long Mason and whose wife is a Co-Mason. Dr. Bob quite frankly tells us that every symbol in Freemasonry has at least three levels of meaning. The unitiated are told a blatant lie, the Initiate is told another lie, while only the lifelong Adept is told the real truth.

This entire understanding is critical if a person outside Freemasonry is to really and truly know that lying to the non-Mason person is not only standard practice, but is required of the Adept Mason! Thus does ‘Lost Symbol’ confirm a major teaching in ‘Riddles In Stone’!

* Talks about Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome – p. 25

We cover the Statue of Freedom, describing her 13 stars and the fact that she was really the goddess Athena, Sir Francis Bacon’s indwelling spirit.

* Precise moment of laying the Capitol Dome cornerstone was calculated at a time when the "auspicious Caput Draconis was in Virgo" – p. 29 – ‘Riddles’ teaches that D.C. was designed according to the placement and the movement of the stars. That key events were also planned according to astrological factors. In ‘Riddles" we note this and state that the entire city was laid out ‘according to the stars’.

We even show dramatic dramatizations which depict the placement of the stars at the very time of the dedication down below, in Government Center. ‘Lost Symbols’ states this truth in this manner: "More than half of the framers of our Constitution were Masons, men who strongly believed that the stars and fate were intertwined, men who paid close attention to the layout of the heavens as they structured their new world."

"An impressive coincidence considering that the cornerstones of the three structures that make up Federal Triangle — the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument — were all laid in different years but were carefully timed to occur in this exact same astrological condition." (Page 29)

Exactly as we reported and dramatized in ‘Riddles In Stone"!

* Confirms that our Masonic Forefathers hid this incredible system of pagan symbology "in plain view" (p. 28) – Just as we show in ‘Riddles’!

* Confirms that more than half of the Framers of the Constitution were Freemasons – p. 29

We reported this fact in both "New Atlantis" and "Riddles In Stone". Modern Masons have always tried to downplay the number of Masons at the various meetings which defined and gave birth to America. Modern Masonry has tried its best to get people to believe that only nine (9) members of the Constitutional Convention were Masons. At least ‘Lost Symbol’ comes closer to the truth.

‘Lost Symbols’ reveals that the Capitol Building was created as a sacred shrine to ancient mystical secrets – p. 81 – Rotunda was tribute to Vestal Virgins (p. 83), just as we say in ‘Riddles’.

Parallels To ‘Eye of the Phoenix’

The unfinished pyramid is awaiting its capstone, and that capstone represents America’s secret unfulfilled destiny – p. 39, 160-1 — In "Eye" we show that the capstone will be capped by Antichrist himself when he appears! Furthermore, Antichrist is called ‘Destiny" and is pictured atop the tympanum above the National Archives Building, ruling over a peaceful, prosperous New World Order. (Covered above in ‘Riddles’ section)

Katherine Solomon drew the hexagram within the All Seeing Eye One Dollar seal and then connected the letters to form "Mason" – p. 278

We report this design in the Dollar Bill in ‘Eye of the Phoenix’.





Occult Worship on Display at Rothschild Masquerade

Photos gathered from a high-society "surrealist ball" recall more of the same type of strange debauchery Alex Jones encountered when he successfully infiltrated the Bohemian Grove. http://www.infowars.com/rothschild-ba...
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 The Occult In Government

Rothschild Ball Exposes Elite’s Fascination with Occult



Sept. 18, 2013

Photos gathered from a high-society “surrealist ball” recall more of the same type of strange debauchery Alex Jones encountered when he successfully infiltrated the Bohemian Grove.

The images were reportedly snapped by one of the party’s attendees, Alexis von Rosenberg, also known as the Baron de Redé, a prominent French banker who was close friends with the host of the ball, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, of the notorious Rothschild banking dynasty.


Baron Alexis de Redé 

Baron Alexis de Redé


Rothschild’s ball was held at one of her family’s expansive estates, the Château de Ferrières, just east of Paris.

Attendees received invitations with text written backwards and arrived to a mansion bathed in an orange glow meant to represent that the building was on fire.


Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé 

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé


In notes published on the blog Scala Regia, which were supposedly written by Von Rosenberg to accompany photos of the ball, he highlights several queer aspects of the night, concluding that he is barred from repeating “such things now for many reasons.” Below are von Rosenberg’s words via Scala Regia.

“… On 12 December 1972, Marie-Hélène gave her Surrealist Ball at Ferrières. This time the guests were asked to come in black tie and long dresses with Surrealist heads. The invitation was printed with reversed writing on a blue and cloudy sky, inspired by a painting by Magritte. To decipher the card, it had to be held to a mirror.


Baron Alexis de Redé 


For the evening the chateau was floodlit with moving orange lights to give the impression that it was on fire. The staircase inside was lined by footmen dressed as cats that appeared to have fallen asleep in a variety of staged poses.




Guests had to pass throught a kind of labyrinth of Hell, made of black ribbons to look like cobwebs. The occasional cat appeared to rescue the guests and lead them to the tapestry salon. Here they were greeted by Guy with a hat to resemble a still-life on a platter, and by Marie-Hélène wearing the head of a giant weeping tears made of diamonds.


Hélène Rochas 

Hélène Rochas


Marie Hélène proved that she had the flare and imagination to create something unique and worthwhile. None of this was created by charm alone. It needed a degree of ruthless determination. She attended to every minute detail of style in her life and also in her entertaining. She was a great hostess with all the qualities. She loved parties and people. She was forever in quest of new talent and new figures to entertain from the world of the arts, literature, dance and haute couture. She mixed them with the more established set of Paris society. everyone was intrigued. Marie-Hélène’s parties took on such importance that one social figure threatened to commit suicide unless she was invited…


Baron Alexis de Redé in a Dalí designed Hat and Mrs. Espírito Santo 

Baron Alexis de Redé in a Dalí designed Hat and Mrs. Espírito Santo


It is not possible to repeat such things now for many reasons. But it is fascinating to look back and to remember these occasions, which dominated our thoughts and plans to such an extent for so many months. I am happy that I took part in so many, and happy that I gave some myself.”


De Redé’s writings do nothing to explain the awkward symbolism portrayed in the photos, such as the following photo of a table centerpiece featuring a dismembered infant resting his head on some sort of black demon.




The following costume made a direct biblical reference to Eve eating the forbidden fruit out of the Garden of Eden.




Naked mannequins laying out on beds of roses are apparently standard fare at these events.




In the next one, a man wearing a mask of a woman’s face seems engaged in some type of sexual activity.




This type of fascination with the occult is of the same persuasion Alex Jones encountered when he snuck into the private Bohemian Grove club hidden deep within California’s redwood forest.

Each year, hundreds of the world’s most powerful men, from politicians to journalists to entertainment industry insiders, convene there to conduct bizarre ceremonial rites and rituals, like the sacrificing of human effigies to mock owl gods.



The elite social gathering’s eerily awkward theme – “Black tie, long dresses & Surrealists heads” – is also reminiscent of scenes out of director Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, in which the main character is persuaded into attending a gathering that required a costume, mask and secret password and in which bizarre sexual orgies pseudo-religious rituals were taking place.


Scene from Kubrick's 2009 "Eyes Wide Shut'

Scene from Kubrick’s 2009 “Eyes Wide Shut’


Below are more photos of the ball gathered from throughout the web.




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Bilderberg 2013: Transhumanist Death Cult

 Alex Jones discusses the Bilderberg Group's agenda as he reflects on the transhumanist art which populates the grounds of the Grove Hotel.

For the latest updates on Bilderberg 2013 visit: http://www.infowars.com/bilderberg or http://www.infowars.com/b







Occult Technology to Scientific Dystopia

Published on Aug 8, 2015

Technology in our world is approaching rapid transcendence. What kind of world will be the result of centuries of occulted experimentation with technology, where the ultimate goal of the elite was merging man with their machine.

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Satanic Control Grid Exposed

Published on Aug 14, 2015

Technology in our world is approaching rapid transcendence. What kind of world will be the result of centuries of occulted experimentation with technology, where the ultimate goal of the elite was merging man with their machine. With added interviews.

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The Occult In Government



Who really runs things in America?

Jon Rappoport
October 11, 2013

The infamous Trilateral Commission still exists.

Many people think the TC, created in 1973 by David Rockefeller, is a relic of an older time.

Think again.

Patrick Wood, author of Trilaterals Over Washington, points out there are only 87 members of the Trilateral Commission who live in America. Obama appointed eleven of them to posts in his administration.

Keep in mind that the original stated goal of the TC was to create “a new international economic order.” Knowing that you have to break eggs to make an omelette, consider how the following TC members, in key Obama posts, can help engender further national chaos; erase our sovereign national borders; and install binding international agreements that will envelop our economy and money in a deeper global collective: a new world order:

Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary;
James Jones, National Security Advisor;
Paul Volker, Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee;
Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence.

All Trilateralists.

The Occult In GovernmentIn the run-up to his inauguration after the 2008 presidential election, Obama was tutored by the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In Europe, the financially embattled nations of Greece and Italy brought in Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti as prime ministers. Both men are Trilateral members, and Monti is the former European chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

In the US, since 1973, author Wood counts eight out of 10 US Trade Representative appointments, and six out of eight World Bank presidencies, as American Trilateral members.

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, four years before birthing the TC with his godfather, David Rockefeller: “[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

Several other noteworthy Trilateral members: George HW Bush; Bill Clinton; Dick Cheney; Al Gore. The first three men helped sink the US further into debt by fomenting wars abroad; and Gore’s cap and trade blueprint would destroy industrial economies, while vastly increasing the numbers of people in Third World countries who have no access to modern sources of energy.

Does all this offer a clue as to why the US economy has failed to recover from the Wall Street debacle of 2008, why the federal bailout was a handout to super-rich criminals, and why Obama took actions which prevented a recovery?

A closer look at Tim Geithner’s circle of economic advisers reveals the chilling Trilateral effect: Paul Volker; Alan Greenspan; E. Gerald Corrigan (director, Goldman Sachs); and Peter G Peterson (former CEO, Lehman Brothers, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations). These men are all Trilateral members.

How many foxes in the hen house do we need, before we realize their Trilateral agenda is controlling the direction of our economy?

The TC has no interest in building up the American economy. They want to torpedo it, as part of the end-game of creating a new international currency, ushering in a de facto Globalist management system for the whole planet.

Any doubt on the question of TC goals is answered by David Rockefeller himself, the founder of the TC, in his Memoirs (2003): “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

Even in what many people mistakenly think of as the TC’s heyday, the 1970s, there were few who realized its overarching power.

Here is a close-up snap shot of a remarkable moment from out of the past. It’s a through-the-looking-glass secret—in the form of a conversation between a reporter, Jeremiah Novak, and two Trilateral Commission members, Karl Kaiser and Richard Cooper. The interview took place in 1978. It concerned the issue of who exactly, during President Carter’s administration, was formulating US economic and political policy.

The careless and off-hand attitude of Trilateralists Kaiser and Cooper is astonishing. It’s as if they’re saying, “What we’re revealing is already out in the open, it’s too late to do anything about it, why are you so worked up, we’ve already won…”

NOVAK (the reporter): Is it true that a private [Trilateral committee] led by Henry Owen of the US and made up of [Trilateral] representatives of the US, UK, West Germany, Japan, France and the EEC is coordinating the economic and political policies of the Trilateral countries [which would include the US]?

COOPER: Yes, they have met three times.

NOVAK: Yet, in your recent paper you state that this committee should remain informal because to formalize ‘this function might well prove offensive to some of the Trilateral and other countries which do not take part.’ Who are you afraid of?

KAISER: Many countries in Europe would resent the dominant role that West Germany plays at these [Trilateral] meetings.

COOPER: Many people still live in a world of separate nations, and they would resent such coordination [of policy].

NOVAK: But this [Trilateral] committee is essential to your whole policy. How can you keep it a secret or fail to try to get popular support [for its decisions on how Trilateral member nations will conduct their economic and political policies]?

COOPER: Well, I guess it’s the press’ job to publicize it.

NOVAK: Yes, but why doesn’t President Carter come out with it and tell the American people that [US] economic and political power is being coordinated by a [Trilateral] committee made up of Henry Owen and six others?After all, if [US] policy is being made on a multinational level, the people should know.

COOPER: President Carter and Secretary of State Vance have constantly alluded to this in their speeches.

KAISER: It just hasn’t become an issue.

Source: “Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management,” ed. by Holly Sklar, 1980. South End Press, Boston. Pages 192-3.

Of course, although Kaiser and Cooper claimed everything being manipulated by the Trilateral Commission committee was already out in the open, it wasn’t.

Their interview slipped under the mainstream media radar, which is to say, it was ignored and buried. It didn’t become a scandal on the level of, say, Watergate, although its essence was far larger than Watergate.

US economic and political policy run by a committee of the Trilateral Commission—the Commission had been been created in 1973 as an “informal discussion group” by David Rockefeller and his sidekick, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who would become Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor.

When Carter won the presidential election, his aide, Hamilton Jordan, said that if after the inauguration, Cy Vance and Brzezinski came on board as secretary of state and national security adviser, “We’ve lost. And I’ll quit.” Lost—because both men were powerful members of the Trilateral Commission and their appointment to key positions would signal a surrender of White House control to the Commission.

Vance and Brzezinski were appointed secretary of state and national security adviser, as Jordan feared. But he didn’t quit. He became Carter’s chief of staff.

Now consider the vast propaganda efforts of the past 40 years, on so many levels, to install the idea that all nations and peoples of the world are a single Collective.

From a very high level of political and economic power, this propaganda op has had the objective of grooming the population for a planet that is one coagulated mass, run and managed by one force. A central engine of that force is the Trilateral Commission.

Source: Patrick Wood, “Trilateral Commission Endgame,” http://www.newswithviews.com/Wood/patrick133.htm


Jon Rappoport
The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

This article was posted: Friday, October 11, 2013 at 10:27 am






So, Among All The Dark Brotherhoods Who's Really Running The Whole Show?


Dr. Stanley Monteith uses Murder On The Orient Express to illustrate how occult groups in political power all work in concert under someone's direction (both knowingly and unknowingly) to a single end.

The Occult In Government
In 1935, when his train is stopped by deep snow, detective Hercule Poirot is called on to solve a murder that occurred in his car the night before.



Brotherhood of Darkness - Dr. Stanley Monteith (1997) 

 Dr Stanley Monteith gives an inspiring lecture on the roots of the 'New World Order' movement and the Anglo-American establishment. He uses Proffesor Caroll Quigley's Book 'Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time' as a basis for insight. 


"Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stanley Monteith. The story in this book is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today. Most people don't realize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations. In this book, Dr. Monteith reveals the amazing facts he discovered in his almost 40 years of research. He reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some of our leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying our nation. After reading Brotherhood of Darkness, you will never look at the world in the same way again.

Link: C.I.A.





Tragedy and Hope Infowars


Tragedy and Hope Infowars Store





Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley is the ultimate insider admission of a secret global elite that has impacted nearly every modern historical event.  Learn how the Anglo-American banking elite were able to secretly establish and maintain their global power. This massive hardcover book of 1348 pages provides a detailed world history beginning with the industrial revolution and imperialism through two world wars, a global depression and the rise of communism. Tragedy & Hope is the definitive work on the world's power structure and an essential source material for understanding the history, goals and actions of the New World Order. 

Author Carroll Quigley was an esteemed professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University and also taught at Princeton and at Harvard.  President Bill Clinton was a student of Quigley and named him as an important influence.  As a trusted and well respected insider, Professor Quigley had access to a variety of secret papers and sources from which he did his research for Tragedy & Hope.

One of the key revelations Quigley reveals is a secret organization created by Englishman Cecil Rhodes.  Rhodes was the founder of diamond company De Beers, ardent supporter of British colonialism and creator of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship that has since educated so many global elite leaders. F
unded by Rhodes' estate, the goal of this organization was to consolidate world control into the hands of the English speaking elites.  This book ties together how this secret organization of global elites has quietly steered the world towards a goal of global government using collectivism.

As an insider with access to many secret documents, Quigley was proud of the achievements of this secret organization and wrote this book from that viewpoint.  The book was intended to only be read by fellow academics and other insider intellectuals that shared a similar world view.  The book was quickly taken out of print when it became more widely circulated and opponents latched onto it as a confession of the global elite.  As pressure mounted, the publishers relented and authorized this identical reissue edition.

This book continues to provide one of the most revealing looks into the goals and methodology of the global elite.  This book is printed in limited quantities and not readily available at most mainstream bookstores.  Infowars is proud to have secured a batch of Tragedy & Hope and to help spread this valuable history and information

Quotes from Tragedy & Hope:

"The powers of financial capitalism had [a] far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences." -- Carroll Quigley, Chapter 20.

"There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies ... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known." --Carroll Quigley, Chapter 65.









The Anglo-American Establishment (paperback, 354 page) is the follow-up to author Carroll Quigley's major tome Tragedy & Hope.  In the book he specifically discusses a secret society created by the great imperialist Cecil Rhodes and how it was administered after Rhodes' death by Lord Alfred Milner.  This group operated behind the scenes and gained massive influence over the world.  Learn how the New World Order and global government's roots stem directly from the British Empire. 

Author Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was a highly esteemed professor at Georgetown University.  The evidence he presents here is credible, the analysis brilliant.  His scholarly approach and presentation of facts will appeal to both the academically-oriented person as well as the truth seeker who aspires to understand the world around us. 

This quote from the book best describes what is discussed: 

"No country that values its safety should allow what the Milner group accomplished--that is, that a small number of men would be able to wield such power in administration and politics, shoud be given almost complete control over the publication of documents relating to their actions, should be able to exercise such influence over the avenues of information that create public opinion, and should be able to monopolize so completely the writing and the teaching of the history of their own period."  --Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment.






In the book The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis, a devil briefs his demon nephew, Wormwood, in a series of letters on the subtleties and techniques of tempting people.  In his writings, the devil says that the objective is not to make people wicked but to make them indifferent.


This higher devil cautions Wormwood that he must keep the patient comfortable at all costs. If he should start thinking about anything of importance, encourage him to think about his luncheon plans and not to worry so much because it could cause indigestion. And then the devil gives this instruction to his nephew: 'I, the devil, will always see to it that there are bad people. Your job, my dear Wormwood, is to provide me with people who do not care.'"2

The opposite of love is not hate. It's apathy or indifference that is practiced by people who don't care enough to care. The fact is that "people don't care what we know until they know how much we care." http://www.actsweb.org/articles/article.php?i=1122&d=2&c=3



The Occult In Government

"The price that good people pay for their apathy and indifference to public affairs is that they are ruled by evil men."

- Author unknown -




 The Occult In Government


Blood Offerings. If there is one constant in human history, it's the practice of ritual sacrifice. Priests of power within any system, be it tribal or otherwise, have been in the habit of "satisfying the gods" with some kind of offering placed humbly at the deity's feet. Without plunging into an endless anthropological exposé, archaeological excavations from Germany to South-America and ancient Mesopotamia have revealed that such practices were very much commonplace. Just as commonplace, incidentally, as the clapping-in-irons of free men.

Were the "gods" in the old days still an untouchable outside force, and the priests but mediators communicating their commands, today the elites have replaced them by their own countenance. But the contrast is superficial. Regardless of the question who occupies the god-seat at any one time, the offering has remained the same throughout the ages.

"Let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois", Vladimir Iljitsj Lenin confided to a Bolshevik newspaper in 1918. " More blood, as much as possible."

It is this quiet, unspoken belief that by bringing about mass-death, the members gain divine powers, their claim to rule safeguarded. This has nothing to do with the environment. It's the ancient principle of the hunter, acquiring the life-blood of the hunted projected onto the globe. Now how to accomplish this lethal objective. Well, first let's answer the who-question. What entity has the ability and capacity to exterminate life on a massive scale? And who has proven to do so according to the historical record? Asking the question equals answering it. Government, of course.

Now, what sort of government could exterminate the most amount of people? National or global? Again, there is no question. And there you have it. But global government, however feverishly it is being pursued, it still only a means to an end. By accumulating political and economic power, coordinated on a global scale, those in the god-seat acquire not only sovereign rule over the planet, they can rule with the powers attributed to a god: power over life and death. And that means: life for them, death for us.

Jurriaan Maessen







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