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 Fighting The Lawless TSA

The TSA has quietly admitted there is no actual “threat-addressing” basis for employing nude body scanners or invasive pat down procedures at airports, a notion many travelers who are weary of the federal agency’s borderline sexual molestation have long suspected but were hard-pressed to prove.





Public Relations Personnel Harass Journalists at Albany Airport Over TSA Flyers

On this Friday, November 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host Mike Adams takes control of the command center in Austin, Texas. Mike covers the latest post-Thanksgiving news, including Black Friday mania sweeping the nation and the knee-jerk response by law enforcement. On today's show, Mike talks with Dr. Edward Group, the founder of Global Healing Center, about the toxicity of holiday food and what you can do to protect yourself from it. They also talk about chemtrails and aluminum levels in foods. Mike talks with Mike Bundrant, an expert in mental health, about the "madness of crowds" such as the Black Friday mobs, plus dealing with holiday depression.





American Border Debacle






Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas visit Albany International on Black Friday to educate people about opting out of dangerous body scanners and filming intrusive pat downs.
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New National Anti-TSA Campaign: Opt Out And Film Week

Huge new First Amendment project arrives this Thanksgiving


Paul Joseph Watson
Opt Out! November 19-26


Click here to download – print and hand out this flyer! 

This Thanksgiving, Infowars.com is giving thanks for the First Amendment, by getting back in the faces of those who are attempting to abuse their authority to silence free speech and in turn conceal flagrant abuses of our rights and our basic dignity – with the launch of the national Opt Out and Film campaign.

Of course, every week should be First Amendment week, but we’re picking one week in particular as part of a grass roots outreach that we hope will contribute towards putting an end to what has come to represent the face of big government tyranny – the Transportation Security Administration.

In November 2010, the national opt out day was a huge success that generated massive media attention. The TSA was forced to mothball most of its radiation-firing body scanners for that one dayin a desperate attempt to avoid embarrassment – a political act that proved the naked scanners had nothing whatsoever to do with genuine security concerns.

Now it has been confirmed that the TSA punishes people who opt out of the scanners by subjecting them to more invasive grope downs, it’s time to re-assert our dignity, and we’re going to do it using the First Amendment.

The TSA’s own website admits that it is not illegal to film TSA agents, just as it is not illegal to film police officers. However, there are innumerable examples of theTSA threatening travelers who either film them or who simplydare to display a “bad attitude” while they are being harassed.

So that’s precisely what we’re going to do. Every invasive pat down, every overbearing rude TSA screener, every act of humiliation metered out against the elderly and the disabled, every attempt to intimidate and coerce Americans into a form of obedience that strips them of their basic human dignity will be caught on camera.

The TSA’s policy on “enhanced pat downs” nowincludes literally touching and groping people’s genitals as part of the procedure – a policytop rape counselors have warned is triggering post traumatic stress disorder in rape victims.

If Americans can be trained to put up with this level of intrusion, they will accept anything.




Painting by Anthony Freda: www.AnthonyFreda.com

By focusing our attention during Thanksgiving week on filming TSA pat down procedures and opting out of other ridiculous TSA policies such as  “chat downs,” forcing travelers to “freeze” on command, or testing drinks purchased by travelers after they have already passed through security, we’re going to expose the federal agency for what it is – an insult to everything America is supposed to stand for.

Remember, this campaign is about shining a spotlight on the actions of the TSA not only in airports but in every other place where TSA goons have infested – from  subways, to highways, to political events and even school prom nights – the imposition of ‘Checkpoint USA’ is upon us and it’s time to let the system know we will not be treated like prisoners in our own country.

Petty tyrants and the people whose orders they carry out behave differently when a camera is rolling and they are exposed to the glare of public attention.

With the Republicans making noises about defunding the TSA and the federal agency’s reputation already on the ropes as an increasing number of airports  replace TSA workers with private screeners, now is a perfect opportunity to help torpedo this federal agency for good.

(November 19th, 2012 – November 26th, 2012)

Opt Out of the Body Scanner and other Invasive TSA Procedures

Why Opt Out?

- Because the backscatter body scanners have been associated with an increased risk of cancer and millimeter wave body scanners are potentially damaging to cellular DNA.

- Because having TSA photograph your naked body is an invasion of privacy.

- Because the TSA have implemented other invasive procedures which serve to facilitate compliance rather than enhance security.

Why Film?

- Because TSA have repeatedly abused their power and violated travelers’ rights by touching their private parts.

- Filming the TSA holds them accountable and is a way to protect your human rights.

- Filming the TSA is perfectly legal!


Visit the Facebook Group page for the national Opt Out and Film Week.

We encourage people who want to become involved in this campaign to create their own flyers and material to draw attention to this grass roots activist campaign.

Many thanks to Ashley Jessica who had the idea for the campaign and is helping with promotion and organization.

Watch a clip below where Ashley Jessica explains how you can support Opt Out and Film Week.



Participating in Opt Out and Film Week



IMPORTANT: Send all Opt Out and Film Week videos, photographs and stories to watson-paul3@sky.com.

Special Comment From Alex Jones

There is an organized move on behalf of governments and corporations to bully the First Amendment out of existence.

This is why Infowars is pioneering a new civil rights movement that is not based around race, sex or any other minority issue. The fact that our rights are being violated and characterized as suspicious and terroristic threatens the freedom of every individual, no matter from what what race, gender or creed they originate.

We are being systematically intimidated out of expressing our right to free speech as part of the advancement towards a new dark age of tyranny.

We are calling on like-minded people to join us in the Opt Out and Film campaign, with the understanding that you will in all likelihood face official oppression for doing so.

The TSA is a federal agency stuffed full of liars, thieves and petty tyrants who like to harass and terrorize innocent Americans who refuse to comply with degrading treatment and who refuse to partake in obedience training.

The risk of being harassed or even arrested for legally exercising your First Amendment right is significant. However, the risk of not exercising this right is far greater. The risk of not exposing tyranny and allowing it to breed is unthinkable.

Use it or lose it. The First Amendment is under attack across the board and unless we re-assert our right to speak up when our basic human dignity is being eviscerated by uniformed goons on a daily basis, not only at airports but also subways, highways, political events, music concerts and even high school prom nights, we can kiss our liberty goodbye.




Internal TSA Documents: Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists


TSA’s ‘Administrative Record’ admits ineffective security theater


Adan Salazar
Oct. 17, 2013

The TSA has quietly admitted there is no actual “threat-addressing” basis for employing nude body scanners or invasive pat down procedures at airports, a notion many travelers who are weary of the federal agency’s borderline sexual molestation have long suspected but were hard-pressed to prove.


The TSA understands body scanners and pat downs are ineffective at addressing a threat for which they admit “there is no evidence.”  

The TSA understands body scanners and pat downs are ineffective at addressing a threat for which they admit “there is no evidence.”


Redaction shows TSA is aware explosives on airplanes "are extremely rare.' (click to enlarge)The evidence was found in sealed court documents, available through the PACER.gov website, regarding engineer and blogger Jon Corbett’s ongoing litigation over the constitutionality of the agency’s loathsome security practices.

In a redacted version of the appellant’s brief, filed by Corbett on October 7 with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, several portions of the Summary of Facts section were blacked out, raising questions as to the nature of the censored information.

But in a sealed version of the same documents obtained through PACER.gov (and available here), the redacted sections appear with incriminating clarity.

Through Redactions, TSA Admits Terror Threats are Slim to Nonexistent


Redaction shows TSA is aware explosives on airplanes “are extremely rare.’ (click to enlarge)

A section detailing how “The TSA Has Misled The Public As to the Likelihood of the Threat ‘Addressed’ By Nude Body Scanners and Pat Downs,” includes a blacked out portion concerning the TSA’s knowledge that “explosives on airplanes are extremely rare.”


“For example, the TSA analyzed hijackings in 2007 and found 7 hijacking incidents across the globe, but none of them involved actual explosive devices,” Corbett explains in the brief, adding that the last attempt to bring an explosive onboard an airplane through a U.S. airport occurred 35 years ago.

Another redacted section highlights the government’s concession that, “due to hardened cockpit doors and the willingness of passengers to challenge hijackers,” it would be difficult to have a repeat of 9/11.

“The government also credits updated pre-flight security for that difficulty assessment,” the brief states, “but the assessment was written before the en masse deployment of body scanners and before the update to the pat down procedure. Further, the government admits that there have been no attempted domestic hijackings of any kind in the 12 years since 9/11.”

The TSA also had the following section completely censored:

This begs the question, then, of what evidence the government possesses to rationalize that we should be so afraid of non-metallic explosives being brought aboard flights departing from the U.S. that we must sacrifice our civil liberties. The answer: there is none. “As of mid-2011, terrorist threat groups present in the Homeland are not known to be actively plotting against civil aviation targets or airports; instead, their focus is on fundraising, recruiting, and propagandizing.”

In the brief’s Summary of Argument, another redacted portion concerns the TSA’s understanding that body scanners and pat downs are ineffective at addressing a threat for which they admit “there is no evidence.”

By redacting certain parts of the brief, the TSA also inadvertently admits “it is aware of no one who is currently plotting a terror attack against our aviation system using explosives (non-metallic or otherwise),” and that, in addition to a cabin of empowered passengers who would make short work of a hijacker, the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, which arms pilots with firearms, makes targeting an airplane “to be the definition of insanity.”

Get the TSA Out of Our Pants

catascopeThe redactions in Corbett’s court documents are a damning indictment of the TSA’s procedures, and only serve to bolster his claims’ truthfulness.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur arrived at his conclusions after admittedly “pawing through several thousand pages of the TSA’s ‘administrative record,’” which he says the TSA uses as the “alleged rationale behind why they must photograph us naked and literally put their hands in our pants to search us.”

The information contained within the redacted portions support what Infowars and others have long suspected: that the sprawling agency – which is in the process of extending beyond the airport and onto highways, train stations and public buses – was never meant to thwart terrorists, but was instead set up to purposely obstruct, annoy, harass and train the American public.

In other words, the court documents go a long way in proving the TSA is pure contrived security theater custom-made solely to indoctrinate Americans, through prisoner training, into blindly accepting obedience to authority as a normal way of life, not to mention a huge waste of about $7.91 billion in taxpayer money a year.

TSA trying to make a monkey out of you.RELATED: TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest For Joking About Security

TSA trying to make a monkey out of you.

Corbett has made quite the reputation of going after the agency.

Last year, he made headlines when he demonstrated how to thwart TSA body scanners simply by sewing an object onto clothing.

Corbett had also previously filed a lawsuit challenging the TSA after he was detained for an hour at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He also regularly adds updates regarding his ongoing litigation on his activist blog TSA Out Of Our Pants!.

Updates to Jon’s case can be found on PACER.gov, case #12-15893.

Below are both the redacted and sealed versions of the Appellant’s brief in the case of Jonathan Corbett v. Transportation Security Administration.

REDACTED Appellant’s brief.

SEALED Appellant’s brief.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 1:24 pm

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Blogger Who Thwarted TSA Body Scanners Now Harassed by DOJ

 Jon Corbett, the engineer and activist challenging the constitutionality of the TSA's body scanners and pat downs, has received a call from the Department of Justice stating he violated a court order sealing the documents that Infowars made public yesterday, even though the court had inexplicably published the documents on a public site. http://www.infowars.com/doj-censors-b...
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Video: TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated

June 20, 2012

Here is Jon Corbett’s latest video on spoofing the TSA and its absurd, dangerous and vastly expensive (for American taxpayers) naked body porno scanners. He was able to saunter around the machines with metal objects undetected.

Corbett is taking his lawsuit challenging the TSA’s countless violations of the Fourth Amendment all the way to the Supreme Court. If they rule in his favor, it may be curtains for the gropers at the gate.

Jon runs the TSA Out of Our Pants blog.





TSA Whistleblower Body Scanners Routinely Fail

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A TSA screener has lifted to lid to reveal how the federal agency's $1 billion dollar plus fleet of body scanners is completely useless in that the machines routinely fail to pick up prohibited items such as knives, guns and powder designed to resemble explosive material.

In an interview conducted by Jon Corbett, the engineer who recently exposed how the scanners could be fooled by simply securing an object inside an external pocket sewn on to an item of clothing, "Jennifer," a TSA screener, also reveals how the federal agency forced people without the necessary training to operate the scanners.

When Jennifer wrote to her Congressman complaining about the problems, the TSA retaliated by removing her from screening duties and began the process to dismiss her altogether.

In the transcript below, Jennifer explains how the body scanners routinely fail to pick up prohibited items, meaning they are nothing less than a complete waste of money and a prime example of "security theater".

Jon: Were there specific times where this machine didn't work, for either someone testing it, or a passenger went through and it was determined that they went through with...
Jennifer: Absolutely. Yes, absolutely.
Jon: Metal objects?
Jennifer: Metal, non-metal.
Jon: Big, small?
Jennifer: Both.
Jon: Things like wallets I think you mentioned to me?
Jennifer: Wallets.
Jon: So you'd send someone through the scanner and you'd see a bulge in their pocket, but the scanner would show nothing?
Jennifer: Mmhmm.
Jon: Things during training?
Jennifer: Absolutely.
Jon: What would you test it with when you were testing the machines?
Jennifer: There were different props: guns, knives, bags of powder that were supposed to resemble explosive material.
Jon: Sometimes these would just go through completely undetected?
Jennifer: Absolutely.






Expansion of The TSA with Jon Corbett


I posted earlier about TSA patrolling outside of Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. DHS apparently doesn't want to stop there: inside the festival, there were uniformed border patrol agents:

What could CBP possibly be lawfully doing in a music festival? Well, of course, I asked. The response was along the lines of: "We're within 50 miles of the border, and can patrol anywhere we want to. We can enforce both state and federal laws."

Absolutely astounding.

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Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated

Transcript&Donations on Official Blog: http://tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com/
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Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated



Transcript&Donations on Official Blog: http://tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com/
Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olEoc_...
Media / Official Inquiries: See Below for Contact

Watch Security Camera (top right) By Itself in HD

"BREAKING: TSA Threatens Mainstream Media Not To Cover Story"

"TSA & FLL Airport Admit Lying in FOIA Response, Say They Can"

I'd like to thank:

Travel Underground - http://www.travelunderground.org/

Freedom to Travel USA - http://fttusa.org/

Legislators who have stood up to the TSA - especially Dr. Ron Paul & Sen. Rand Paul

...and all those who have both publicly and privately stood up to the TSA.

My legal battle against the TSA's nude body scanner and pat-down molestation program continues in court, soon with a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. If you'd like to donate to this effort, send PayPal to: jon [at] fourtentech.com

Copyright (C) 2012 Jonathan Corbett. All rights released for any non-commercial purpose.

Produced using Camtasia Studio and Windows Live Movie Maker on a PC. :) Video recorded using a Canon G10, except for "undercover camera" using an iPod 4G. Audio recorded with Ableton Live and edited using Adobe Audition.


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TSA/NSA: We Will Resist Their Tyranny: 10K Film Contest

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With an imperious hatred for the Bill of Rights, both the NSA and the TSA are moving quickly to destroy our republic and our country.
It is time for you to reassert your right to free speech and our new contest will allow you to do just that.
One entry will receive a cash prize of $10,000 for the best video that mocks or scorns suppression of free speech by either the TSA, the NSA or both.
The top entries will be posted on Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com.
We'll air excerpts on the Alex Jones Show and the Infowars Nightly News.
Please read the requirements carefully.
Send entries to: contest@infowars.com






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