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And The

Technocratic ErA

The fact that a technocratic system of government is being constructed is becoming clearer by the day. We see daily open proclamations for the earth to be geo-engineered, humanity to be medicated through the water supply, and the very genetic code of the planet re-written. As Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”

George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley and H. G. Wells were all contemporaries. Each of them, through their various literary works, contributed to the debate – or lack thereof – on this rising power structure. In their lifetimes, the project for the technetronic era was set into motion.



Microchip Implants

While manufacturers and the government want you to believe that they would never misuse the technology [NSA SCANDAL], the future looks like an Orwellian nightmare when you consider the possibilities of surveillance and tracking these chips embody. (Spychips)











TECHNOCRACY - A form of government in which scientists and technical experts are in control "technocracy was described as that society in which those who govern justify themselves by appeal to technical experts who justify themselves by appeal to scientific forms of knowledge"


The Roots of Technocracy with Expert Patrick M. Wood

Alex welcomes to the broadcast The August Forecast & Review Editor Patrick M. Wood to discuss how the global elite within the Trilateral Commission are replacing capitalism with their own technocracy in order to create a New International Economic Order.
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Economy Destroyed By Design!







Glenn Greenwald "The Goal Of The U.S. Government Is To Eliminate ALL Privacy Globally!" 







Microchip Implants

The Singularity is Near

 The Singularity is Near, A True Story about the Future, based on Ray Kurzweil's New York Times bestseller, intertwines a fast-paced A-line documentary with a B-line narrative story.







Propaganda History 

Microchip Implants

The main themes of “Ghost in the Shell: SAC” include bio-technological enhancement of human beings in automation and cyberinteraction, andtechnological advances in warfare and weaponry,
and the impact that these advancements make onhuman consciousness, already burdened with the
“enhanced” connections resulting from globalization and imperialism. Some of the characters of “Ghost in the Shell” have undergone a med-technological process called “cyberization.” Cyberization enables citizens to access wireless communication, internet access, and research from their minds. The cyberization process replaces parts of the brain – minimally or majorly depending on the individual's wishes to be “more or less artificial” – with nanotechnological robots, robots
of an incredibly miniscule scale. This process, and its role in disturbing our concept of what it means to be human, or to be artificial, or its role in making us all truly connected to each other at all times, at will, figures in the stories of the program.

Propaganda History







Microchipping the Troops







[Propaganda] Putting the FUN into RFID from Facebook and Coca-Cola

These are the first steps to warm the public to RFID Chips.

Publicis E-dologic figured out a way to embed user data in IDF bracelets, and thus allow people to "Like" real world objects, places and events spreading the word about it on their facebook accounts.

They implemented these facebook-bracelets at the Coca Cola Village, a watersport, sunbathing, gameplaying amusement park activity-thing for teenagers. When the guests arrive, they are given a ‏ bracelet ID which transmits an RFID signal, which they program with their facebook login. They can then "like" activities and places in the real village, and their actions show up on facebook. Teenagers are driven by vanity like everyone else, so there was a photographer present as well, if you wanted to tag yourself in any given image all you had to do was wave your ID bracelet to the photographer.

This will ultimately lead to the public getting permanent chips.

Privacy advocates have protested the VeriChip, warning of potential abuse and denouncing these types of RFID devices as "spychips," and that use by governments could allow the tracking of citizens, increasing any moves towards a police state. In addition, privacy advocates state that the information contained in this chip could easily be stolen, so that storing anything private in it would be to risk identity theft.
According to Wired News online, and the Associated Press, there have been research articles over the last ten years that found a connection between the chips and possible cancer. When mice and rats were injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders, like those made by VeriChip, they "developed malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in up to 1% to 10% of cases" at the site at which the microchip was injected or to which it had migrated.







[Propaganda] Google Promotes Implantable RFID Microchips







[Propaganda] Verichip 1st Family Chipped

 First family chipped with the verichip,
Ripley's believe it or not.







The Movement To Put An RFID Chip Into Every Living Person





 Microchip Implants

Ex-DARPA Head Wants You to Swallow ID Microchips

Google executive also pushes e-tattoo that reads your mind


Paul Joseph Watson
January 7, 2014

Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan is pushing an edible “authentication microchip” along with an electronic tattoo that can read your mind. No this isn’t a movie script about a futuristic scientific dictatorship, it’s trendy and cool!



Dugan, who is Head of Advanced Technology at (Google-owned) Motorola, told an audience at the All Things D11 Conference that the company was working on a microchip inside a pill that users would swallow daily in order obtain the “superpower” of having their entire body act as a biological authentication system for cellphones, cars, doors and other devices.

“This pill has a small chip inside of it with a switch,” said Dugan. “It also has what amounts to an inside out potato battery. When you swallow it, the acids in your stomach serve as the electrolyte and that powers it up. And the switch goes on and off and creates an 18 bit ECG wide signal in your body and essentially your entire body becomes your authentication token.”

Dugan added that the chip had already been FDA approved and could be taken 30 times a day for someone’s entire life without effecting their health, a seemingly dubious claim.

Would you swallow a Google microchip every day simply to access your cellphone?

Privacy advocates will wince at the thought, especially given Dugan’s former role as head of DARPA, the Pentagon agency that many see as being at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the Big Brother technocracy.

Indeed, when host Walt Mossberg asked Dugan, “Does Google now know everything I do and everywhere I go because let’s face it….you’re from Google,” she responded by laughing and saying Mossberg should just swallow the pill.

In addition to the edible microchip, Motorola is also working on a wearable e-tattoo that could also read a user’s mind by detecting the unvocalized words in their throat.

“It has been known for decades that when you speak to yourself in your inner voice, your brain still sends neural spike volleys to your vocal apparatus, in a similar fashion to when you actually speak aloud,” explains Extreme Tech’s John Hewitt, noting that the device could allow covert voice activation as well as being used to detect stress and emotion (because Big Brother cares about your feelings).

During the D11 conference, Dugan predicted that if the e-tattoo was made to look cool with different artistic designs, young people would want to have it fused to their skin, “if only to piss off their parents.”

The edible microchip and the wearable e-tattoo are prime examples of how transhumanism is being made “trendy” in an effort to convince the next generation to completely sacrifice whatever privacy they have left in the name of faux rebellion (which is actually cultural conformism) and convenience.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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Microchip Implants 

CBS Hit Show "Intelligence" Promotes Mark of the Beast Transhumanist Tech as Coolest Thing Ever

CBS Hit Show "Intelligence" Promotes Mark of the Beast Transhumanist Tech to the Mainstream
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New Breast Implants Include Microchip To Help Doctors Keep Track Of Product And Patient Information


Microchip Implants


RFID Microchips to be Embedded in Breast Implants

Technology backed by CEO who promoted implantable chips as replacement for credit cards


Paul Joseph Watson
October 18, 2013

Microchip Implants 

A manufacturer of breast implants has announced that it will begin selling its products with an RFID microchip embedded in the implant, partnering with a company whose CEO previously tried to market the implantable microchip as a replacement for the credit card.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with a staggering 300,000 women in America alone receiving breast implants every year.

Establishment Labs, a major breast, body and facial aesthetic company which has offices in both Europe and America, recently announced that it has teamed up with VeriTeQ to produce breast implants, “with a radio frequency identification tag built in, with the goal of providing information about the implant to a patient long after the device has been inserted into her body.”

“EL’s Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix™ with VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology is the world’s first externally identifiable breast implant,” reports Yahoo Finance, adding that the microchip, which can be read via external scanners, has already been approved by the FDA.

A leading chain of plastic surgery clinics in the UK, which has asked to remain anonymous for now, intends to announce it will begin implanting patients with the technology next month.

The use of implantable microchips to track pets has become common over the last decade, but their use in human beings has consistently faced hurdles due to Big Brother concerns about people being electronically tagged like animals, as well as the biblical idea of a “mark of the beast,” which some fear will eventually become a mandatory replacement for the credit card or even a universal form of identification.

The CEO of VeriTeQ is Scott R. Silverman, who was also the former CEO of Applied Digital Solutions. Ten years ago, Silverman was eager to promote the VeriChip, a syringe-injectable microchip implant for humans, as a fraud-proof replacement for credit card transactions.

Although the idea never really took off, it was utilized by Baja Beach Club to allow VIPs access to exclusive areas at nightclubs.

Media interest surrounding the issue of implantable chips began in 2002 when the Jacobs family of Boca Raton, Florida, were all implanted with a VeriChip containing their personal information for health and security reasons, as well as because the son Derek fantasized “about merging humans and machines.” NBC News’ Today Show even broadcast live footage of the family being surgically implanted with their chips.

In 2004, MSNBC reported that the Mexican attorney general and his staff of 160 people had “been implanted with microchips that get them access to secure areas of their headquarters.”

Last year, CNN ran a story promoting the idea that in the future everybody will have a brain chip that will enable a third party to control their behavior.

Top futurists like Ray Kurzweil have confidently predicted that by 2029, computers and cellphones will be implanted in people’s eyes and ears, creating a “human underclass” of people who refuse to adopt the technology that will be viewed as backwards and unproductive because of their resistance to embracing the singularity – man merging with machine.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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National I.D. Card 




Interview with Katherine Albrecht

Http://RealityReport.TV | http://RestoreTheRepublic.com | Katherine Albrecht, coauthor of "SpyChips", joins Gary for an interview on the Reality Report to discuss the latest on Real ID, RFID, and technology to track people world wide.







 Microchip Implants

Meet the Google executive who plans to cheat death

Flashback: The Dark Side of Ray Kurzweil’s Transhumanist Utopia

UK Daily Mail
October 20, 2013

Google engineering director and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes we are close to realizing everlasting life and is dead-set on getting us there.

The inventor and noted author believes the key to such a scientific breakthrough is a system of ‘bridges’ that enable the body to move from strength to strength over time.

The youthful 65-year-old currently takes 150 supplements a day, which he argues if the first bridge.

The idea is to build enough bridges to ensure the body holds out long enough for life-lengthening technology to come into its own.

He has likened the biology of the body to computer software and believes we are all ‘out of date’.

Full article here

Ray Kurzweil’s Transhumanist Agenda



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"People involved in unskilled labor will become superfluous when their jobs are replaced by machines and, “There is almost no human employment in production, agriculture, and transportation” 

-- Ray Kurzweil


"Humans who resist the pressure to alter their bodies by becoming part-cyborg or are unable to afford such procedures will be ostracized from society. “Humans who do not utilize such implants are unable to meaningfully participate in dialogues with those who do.”

-- Ray Kurzweil






"People involved in unskilled labor will become superfluous when their jobs are replaced by machines"

Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines

Nicholas West
Activist Post

Speaking at the recent Davos economic conference - widely considered to be the elite economic forum to discuss trends and political strategy - an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jeremy Howard, had some stunning announcements that indicate a major shift in employment is set to occur very soon.

As Howard states in the video below, we have hit a critical threshold where machine intelligence is performing better than even the leading experts in the fields of medicine, science, and banking among others. This has vast ramifications, as this crossover coincides also with the replacement of skilled and non-skilled human labor with robots. Between the two events, people from all economic classes are being threatened with replacement in an unprecedented way. It is being called technological unemployment - a type of permanent unemployment that greatly exacerbates our current recession/depression, because the lost jobs most likely will never return.

Howard asserts that we are about to encounter conditions akin to those that occurred after the Industrial Revolution replaced manufacturing and agricultural workers to a vast degree. That event, in fact, gave rise to the term technological unemployment. Much maligned economist, John Maynard Keynes, was the first to issue dire predictions of a type of extinction level event for unemployment, which we now clearly know never fully took place. However, the new type of automation poses a far greater threat, according to many researchers such as Jeremy Howard. The main reason is simple: this time it is all-encompassing; in other words, everyone can be replaced ... permanently.

This has led to predictions such as those made by Professor of Computer Science, Moshe Vardi, when he stated that all human work will be fully outsourced to robots and robotic machine intelligence by 2045. But we need to keep in mind that this is not some sort of overnight switch that gets thrown; it is happening right now, as technology is already killing middle class jobs.


Jeremy Howard at Davos: Jobs For The Machines

One of the "Thinking Ahead With The Young Global Leaders" sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2014.


In the video below, Jeremy Howard gives very precise, concrete examples that show just how far machine intelligence has advanced, and the threat that it poses for human productivity and employment.

Particularly interesting is his reference to a map showing which countries are service-based economies, juxtaposed with the fact that America has become 65% based on information technology and processing. Both sets are the jobs slated for direct replacement by machine systems that are in some cases already more efficient, lower cost and more accurate than any human. And, unlike humans, machine learning is exponentially increasing its "intelligence" on a yearly basis. This situation creates a scenario as bad as or potentially much worse than the Industrial Revolution, when after the shift 80% of workers were worse off socio-economically.

Howard's final graphic is a stunning one that shows a 15-year flat-line, and now downward slide of human value vs. overall productivity. This can only mean one thing: we are already being outsourced, and the pace is accelerating.


Will Work For Free OFFICIAL RELEASE 2013



Dire predictions aside, there are ways to position oneself for the coming transformation without merging with machines, as Transhumanists suggest, or turning over the running of society to a centralized hive system of political and economic management as Zeitgeist proponents endorse.

For a look at the areas where one can still thrive, please view this essential documentary. It's long, but the path for the unprepared will be far longer.

Will Work For Free is a documentary by Sam Vallely on the subject of technological unemployment.
this work is protected under fair use and will always be free.

Download the film with fixed audio:


Muse - Madness

GEA Farm Technologies MIone robotic milking system for dairy cows:

EGNOS for precision farming:

Lee Cronin: Print your own medicine:

Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching:

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us:

Ultra-Ever Dry - Superhydrophobic coating:

Solar Roadways: The Prototype:

Geothermal Heating:

For information on RBE(Resource-Based Economy):

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Related Article by Eric Blair:
Self-Driven Vehicles to Eliminate Countless Jobs

Key books on the subject:
Race Against the Machine
The Second Machine Age

Recently by Nicholas West:







Microchip Implants 

Google’s chief engineer: People will soon upload their entire brains to computers


Published time: June 20, 2013 16:02
Edited time: June 21, 2013 10:56

There are around 377 million results on Google.com for the query “Can I live forever?” Ask that question to company’s top engineer, though, and you’re likely to hear an answer that’s much more concise.

Simply put, Google’s Ray Kurzweil says immortality is only a few years away. Digital immortality, at least.

Kurzweil, 64, was only brought on to Google late last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from making headlines already. During a conference in New York City last week, the company’s director of engineering said that the growth of biotechnology is so quickly paced that he predicts our lives will be drastically different in just a few decades.

According to Kurzweil, humans will soon be able to upload their entire brains onto computers. After then, other advancements won’t be too far behind.

The life expectancy was 20, 1,000 years ago,” Kurzweil said over the weekend at the Global Future 2045 World Congress in New York City, CNBC's Cadie Thompson reported. “We doubled it in 200 years. This will go into high gear within 10 and 20 years from now, probably less than 15, we will be reaching that tipping point where we add more time than has gone by because of scientific progress.”

"Somewhere between 10 and 20 years, there is going to be tremendous transformation of health and medicine," he said.

In his 2005 book “The Singularity Is Near,” Kurzweil predicted that ongoing achievements in biotechnology would mean that by the middle of the century, “humans will develop the means to instantly create new portions of ourselves, either biological or nonbiologicial,” so that people can have “a biological body at one time and not at another, then have it again, then change it.” He also said there will soon be “software-based humans” who will “live out on the Web, projecting bodies whenever they need or want them, including holographically projected bodies, foglet-projected bodies and physical bodies comprising nanobot swarms.”



Those nanobot swarms might still be a bit away, but given the vast capabilities already achieved since the publication of his book, Kurzweil said in New York last week that more and more of the human body will soon be synced up to computers, both for backing up our thoughts and to help stay in good health.

"There's already fantastic therapies to overcome heart disease, cancer and every other neurological disease based on this idea of reprogramming the software," Kurzweil at the conference. "These are all examples of treating biology as software. ...These technologies will be a 1,000 times more powerful than they were a decade ago. ...These will be 1,000 times more powerful by the end of the decade. And a million times more powerful in 20 years."

In “The Singularity Is Near,” Kurzweil acknowledged that Moore’s Law of Computer suggests that the power of computer doubles, on average, every two years. At that rate, he wrote, “We're going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important anymore.”

Based on conservative estimates of the amount of computation you need to functionally simulate a human brain, we'll be able to expand the scope of our intelligence a billion-fold,” The Daily Mail quoted Kurzweil.

Kurzweil joined Google in December 2012 and is a 1999 winner of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. In the 1970s, Kurzweil was responsible for creating the first commercial text-to-speech synthesizer.








 Eterni.Me Company Offering Immortality & Skype Chats with the Dead






The technocratic agenda is being sold to the public by camouflaging it with beneficial aspects of technology, and at the same time: purposely demonizing those who see the power monopoly behind this front.


Look Into Edward Bernays and Propaganda History Here: Propaganda History




Transcendence Official Trailer

synopsis : Two leading computer scientists work toward their goal of Technological Singularity, as a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent them from creating a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.





We're going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important anymore.”

Ray Kurzweil - The Singularity Is Near (2006)

"You are to conceive the species as an animal which has discovered how to simplify nutrition and locomotion to such a point that the old complex organs and the large body which contained them are no longer necessary.  The masses are therefore to disappear.  The body is to become all head. The human race is to become all technology.” p. 156-7

C.S. Lewis - That Hideous Strength (1945)




C.S. Lewis On The Motivations Of Elitist Technocracy


This article, originally title "The Scientists Take Over: C.S. Lewis Denounced Transhumanism In 1945", was written by Daniel Taylor and published at Old-Thinker News

Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of man as god…” – C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945

No more gods, no more faith, no more timid holding back. Let us blast out of our old forms, our ignorance, our weakness, and our mortality. The future belongs to posthumanity.” – Max More, On Becoming Posthuman, 1994

The fact that a technocratic system of government is being constructed is becoming clearer by the day. We see daily open proclamations for the earth to be geo-engineered, humanity to be medicated through the water supply, and the very genetic code of the planet re-written. As Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”

George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley and H. G. Wells were all contemporaries. Each of them, through their various literary works, contributed to the debate – or lack thereof – on this rising power structure. In their lifetimes, the project for the technetronic era was set into motion.

C. S. Lewis’ 1945 book That Hideous Strength ties in ideas that he put forth in another of his works titled The Abolition of Man. Hideous Strength is a work of fiction set amidst a supernatural battle between good and evil. However, as you will see, George Orwell himself saw “nothing outrageously improbable” in the mundane plot of an elite group of technocrats to seize control of life itself. Lewis’ work is a classic example of art imitating life.

Lewis’s thought as expressed in The Abolition of Man, as well as That Hideous Strength was clearly influenced by the rise of the so called “Science of Man” that took place during his lifetime. The same can be said for the other previously mentioned authors. This great work to discover the inner workings of man in order to better control him was initiated by the immense wealth of the Rockefeller empire in the early 20th Century

That Hideous Strength revolves around the National Institute for Coordinated Experiments (NICE) and the organization’s plot to seize control of all life.

Lewis writes, “What should they [the elite] regard as too obscene, since they held that all morality was a mere subjective byproduct of the physical and economic situations of men?… From the point of view which is accepted in hell, the whole history of our earth had led up to this moment.”

What exactly is this profound moment Lewis refers to? In short it is a time when mankind transcends biology. It is a revolution against the natural order. Interestingly, Lewis was one of the earliest writers to denounce transhumanist philosophy. He wrote in Hideous Strength (1945), that the elite of society will merge with technology and eliminate the masses which they call “dead-weight.”

“A few centuries ago, a large agricultural population was essential; and war destroyed types which were then useful. But every advance in industry and agriculture reduces the number of work-people required. A large, unintelligent population is now a dead-weight. The importance of scientific war is that scientists have to be reserved. It was not the great technocrats of Koeingsberg or Moscow who supplied the causalities in the siege of Stalingrad. The effect of modern war is to eliminate retrogressive types, while sparing the technocracy and increasing its hold upon public affairs. In the new age, what has hitherto been merely the intellectual nucleus of the race is to become, by gradual stages, the race itself. You are to conceive the species as an animal which has discovered how to simplify nutrition and locomotion to such a point that the old complex organs and the large body which contained them are no longer necessary. The masses are therefore to disappear. The body is to become all head. The human race is to become all technology.” p. 156-7

These ideas are ever more prescient today. Bill Joy, the cofounder of Sun Microsystems, published an article in 2000 titled “Why the future doesn’t need us.” A r ecent conference in Russia hosted the herald of the transhumanist era Ray Kurzweil. The Global Future 2045 Congress spoke of “The critical moment… when machines take on an artificial intelligence that matches or exceeds the brainpower of humans. No one in the academic community doubts that this will happen – the question is not if, but when.” Eventually, scientists “…will focus on improving humans…”

The Global Future conference also discussed the rise of “new barbarians” that are “easily deceived.” “Their video-game mentality means they could easily start to wreak havoc…” As Svetlana Smetanina reported from the conference, “If the proportion of people like this comes to encompass 50 percent of the Earth’s population, then a new “middle ages” are almost guaranteed.” Are these individuals the “dead-weight” to be rid of?

George Orwell, famous for his stunningly accurate portrayal of a future police state in 1984, commented on Lewis’ book Hideous Strength. His commentary was published in the Manchester Evening News in 1945 with the headline “THE SCIENTISTS TAKE OVER.” Orwell wrote,

“All superfluous life is to be wiped out, all natural forces tamed, the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists, who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves. Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself.

There is nothing outrageously improbable in such a conspiracy. Indeed, at a moment when a single atomic bomb – of a type already pronounced “obsolete” – has just blown probably three hundred thousand people to fragments, it sounds all too topical. Plenty of people in our age do entertain the monstrous dreams of power that Mr. Lewis attributes to his characters, and we are within sight of the time when such dreams will be realisable.”

Indeed we are living in a time when these dark dreams are completely realizable. To a great extent they have already become a vivid reality.








Microchip Implants


Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of man as god

– C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945



“All superfluous life is to be wiped out, all natural forces tamed, the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists, who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves. Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself.

- George Orwell 1945 Manchester Evening News, Headline : "THE SCIENTISTS TAKE OVER"




"'In the pride of your heart you say, "I am a god; I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the seas." But you are a man and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god.  Are you wiser than Daniel?  Is no secret hidden from you?  By your wisdom and understanding you have gained wealth for yourself and amassed gold and silver in your treasuries.  By your great skill in trading you have increased your wealth, and because of your wealth your heart has grown proud.  "'Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says:  "'Because you think you are wise, as wise as a god, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor."



 Microchip Implants

‘Turning Into Gods’ – Jason Silva’s Documentary on the Singularity

Jason Silva is an apostle of the future and he’s looking to make converts.


The young host on Al Gore’s cable channel, Current TV, is also a burgeoning filmmaker. His upcoming documentary, Turning Into Gods aims to get its audience believing in the promise of technology, to spread a sense of techno-optimism.

The documentary will follow Silva as he interviews the leading minds of our day, and seeks to understand (and revel) in the vast potential of the near future. I had a chance to talk with Silva and get the inside track on the vision behind Turning Into Gods. Check out the trailer for the film below.

Turning Into Gods is the latest in a recent string of movies that seeks to bring the concepts behind the Technological Singularity into the mainstream conscious. Earlier we saw Barry Ptolemy’s take on futurist Ray Kurzweil in Transcendent Man, and Kurzweil presented his own vision in the recent film based on his best selling book The Singularity Is Near. Each of those documentaries was packed with amazing interviews with the top minds in the fields of AI, robotics, genetics, and longevity. What will make Turning Into Gods any different, or even better?

The biggest selling point behind Silva’s film seems to be Silva himself. He has what few other Singularity-minded film makers possess: pop-culture credentials. Current TV has increased his mainstream exposure, he’s signed with CAA (the top talent agency in LA), and he’s been featured in GAP campaigns, news segments, and countless interviews. Silva sees the upcoming film as a journey, and wants the audience to piggy back on his experience, learning as he learns. His youthful exuberance for the future is sure to draw many in:



There should be no doubt, however, that Silva is making this film for a reason. As he told me, “I may represent the audience on occasion, but I have an agenda.” That agenda seems to be to awaken humanity’s hope and optimism for a future that will be shaped by ever accelerating technologies. He wants to “appeal to the little child inside all of us that says, ‘wow!”

And what pushes Silva to his own “wow” moments? From our conversation I would mostly say genetics. Craig Venter, with his recent successes in writing the genetic code of living organisms, tops Silva’s list of necessary interviewees. He quotes Freeman Dyson: “In the future…a new generation of artists will be writing genomes the way that Blake and Byron wrote verses.” In fact, it is the idea that new technologies may allow for the convergence of art and science that seems to most easily open the flood gates of Silva’s flowing optimism. He has written about it in Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post, and presented on the power of art direction at Humanity+.

Contrasting Silva’s techno-optimism are what he calls the “bio-luddites”, those that seek to oppose the advance of (biological) science in the name of fundamentalism. Silva calls the reactionary response to the promise of technology the “anti-viagara of the human-mind”. Even the title of the film, Turning Into Gods, can be seen as a defiance of this opposition of technology born out of religiosity or fear.

Of course, not everyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of shaping our DNA like poetry is a bio-luddite. Like so many documentarians seeking to explain the Singularity, Silva is hoping to make more friends than enemies. He wants to pull in those on the cusp, those are wavering between believing in the positive aspects of technology and giving into fear. To help us all “get over our cosmic inferiority complex,” and look towards the limitless potential of humanity.

Despite Silva’s well-formed vision about the future, Turning Into Gods is still very much a work in progress. He plans to continue shooting through the end of this summer and possibly beyond. While he has “hours of footage” of time with Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Gray from his previous short film The Immortalists (see below), his list of possible upcoming interviewees is still very long: Craig Venter, Peter Diamandis, Andrew Hessel, Barry Ptolemy, Chris Anderson…and so on. Funding for Turning Into Gods comes from related projects on Current TV, The Immortalists, and Silva himself. To leverage his limited budget for all its worth, Silva will be looking for collaborators, finding ways to crowd-source the work as needed. The pop-savvy Silva also has plans for generating audience interest by releasing a string of teasers to promote viral marketing.

There are days when I don’t believe the Technological Singularity will ever happen, and days when I think it’s just around the corner. Yet since I first encountered the concept a few years ago I have been unable to completely dismiss it from my thoughts. The Singularity, like Silva’s optimism, is infectious, and movies are the ideal carriers. Whether or not Turning Into Gods succeeds, I’m growing confident that more and more filmmakers will be willing to try to bring the concept of the Singularity into the mainstream. Will Silva be the ambassador that delivers techno-optimism into pop culture? Too early to tell, but he certainly has the potential to make it happen.

Those who want to get a taste of Jason Silva’s filmmaking style should check out The Immortalists, a micro-documentary on the end to aging. It’s here for you in its entirety:>

[image and video via Jason Silva]







Microchip Implants 


- Jason Silva at Sydney Opera House -


This was my keynote speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas - which took place at the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Check under my videos for the Conversation that followed.







Microchip Implants




Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 1

Katherine Albrecht, RFID expert , Genesis Communications Network Radio Host, and Author of the Book Spychips sat down with Steve Vasquez on April 20th to discuss Real Id and the Enhanced Drivers license.
What does it all mean? Legislation for total control and tracking.

Please watch, rate and share these video's with everyone you know. This is a topic that everyone needs to be aware of. The time is now to stand up and be counted.
Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3. They will be up soon.








Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 2

Here is Part two of the Interview. Katherine discusses Enhanced Drivers license and the security aspect. Also Homeland Securities role in shelving Real Id for a back door approach to a national Id card.








Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 3

Katherine discusses effectiveness of RFID in terms of curbing Illegal Immigration and Terrorism.
Also, Gives Constitutional Insight and websites for where to find more information on RFID.







Microchip Implants 

Russian Scientist Says ‘Immortality’ Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

by Anthony Gucciardi
August 1st, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 3:44 pm






Microchip Implants

Propaganda History 


Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain


 Scientists working at the University of Southern California, home of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another.


Alexander Higgins
Activist Post
June 19, 2011

Microchip Implants   In a scene right out of a George Orwell novel, a team of scientists working in the fields of “neural engineering” and “Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems” have successfully created a chip that controls the brain and can be used as a storage device for long-term memories. In studies the scientists have been able to record, download and transfer memories into other hosts with the same chip implanted. The advancement in technology brings the world one step closer to a global police state and the reality of absolute mind control.

More terrifying is the potential for implementation of what was only a science fiction fantasy – the “Thought Police” – where the government reads people’s memories and thoughts and can then rehabilitate them through torture before they ever even commit a crime based on a statistical computer analysis showing people with certain types of thoughts are likely to commit a certain type of crime in the future.

We already pre-emptively invade nations and torture alleged terrorist suspects with absolutely no due process of law, so the idea of pre-emptively torturing a terrorist suspect beforehand to prevent them from committing an act of terrorism in the future really isn’t that far fetched of an idea.

Perhaps a less sensational example than those I just depicted from Orwell’s famous dystopian novels would be using the technology as it is depicted the modern day Matrix movies, in which computer programs are uploaded into people’s brains allowing them to instantly learn how to perform a wide variety of tasks.

That is exactly the example that Smart Planet uses in their write-up on the USC press release.

The Matrix reality: Scientists successfully implant artificial memory system

It seems the sci-fi industry has done it again. Predictions made in novels like Johnny Mnemonic and Neuromancer back in the 1980s of neural implants linking our brains to machines have become a reality.

Back then it seemed unthinkable that we’d ever have megabytes stashed in our brain as Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Mnemonic did in the movie based on William Gibson’s novel. Or that The Matrix character Neo could have martial arts abilities uploaded to his brain, making famous the line, “I know Kung Fu.” (Why Keanu Reeves became the poster boy of sci-fi movies, I’ll never know.) But today we have macaque monkeys that can control a robotic arm with thoughts alone. We have paraplegics given the ability to control computer cursors and wheelchairs with their brain waves. Of course this is about the brain controlling a device. But what about the other direction where we might have a device amplifying the brain? While the cochlear implant might be the best known device of this sort, scientists have been working on brain implants with the goal to enhance memory. This sort of breakthrough could lead to building a neural prosthesis to help stroke victims or those with Alzheimer’s. Or at the extreme, think uploading Kung Fu talent into our brains.

Decade-long work led by Theodore Berger at University of Southern California, in collaboration with teams from Wake Forest University, has provided a big step in the direction of artificial working memory. Their study is finally published today in the Journal of Neural Engineering. A microchip implanted into a rat’s brain can take on the role of the hippocampus—the area responsible for long-term memories—encoding memory brain wave patterns and then sending that same electrical pattern of signals through the brain. Back in 2008, Berger told Scientific American, that if the brain patterns for the sentence, “See Spot Run,” or even an entire book could be deciphered, then we might make uploading instructions to the brain a reality. “The kinds of examples [the U.S. Department of Defense] likes to typically use are coded information for flying an F-15,” Berger is quoted in the article as saying.

In this current study the scientists had rats learn a task, pressing one of two levers to receive a sip of water. Scientists inserted a microchip into the rat’s brain, with wires threaded into their hippocampus. Here the chip recorded electrical patterns from two specific areas labeled CA1 and CA3 that work together to learn and store the new information of which lever to press to get water. Scientists then shut down CA1 with a drug. And built an artificial hippocampal part that could duplicate such electrical patterns between CA1 and CA3, and inserted it into the rat’s brain. With this artificial part, rats whose CA1 had been pharmacologically blocked, could still encode long-term memories. And in those rats who had normally functioning CA1, the new implant extended the length of time a memory could be held.


Source: Smart Planet

The Smart Planet article goes on to point out that the next phase in testing will be done on primates and will eventually be tested on humans.


From the USC press release:

USC: Restoring Memory, Repairing Damaged Brains

Biomedical engineers analyze—and duplicate—the neural mechanism of learning in rats

LOS ANGELES, June 17, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

Scientists have developed a way to turn memories on and off—literally with the flip of a switch.

( Image Information)For stroke or Alzheimer’s victims, the promise of Dr. Theodore Berger’s recent breakthrough is enormous: imagine a prosthetic chip inserted in the brain that imitates the function of a brain’s damaged hippocampus (the region associated with long term memory). The current successful laboratory tests on rats, restoring long term memory at the flick of a switch, will next be duplicated in primates (monkeys) and eventually humans. (PRNewsFoto/USC Viterbi School of Engineering)

Using an electronic system that duplicates the neural signals associated with memory, they managed to replicate the brain function in rats associated with long-term learned behavior, even when the rats had been drugged to forget.

“Flip the switch on, and the rats remember. Flip it off, and the rats forget,” said Theodore Berger of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Berger is the lead author of an article that will be published in the Journal of Neural Engineering. His team worked with scientists from Wake Forest University in the study, building on recent advances in our understanding of the brain area known as the hippocampus and its role in learning.

In the experiment, the researchers had rats learn a task, pressing one lever rather than another to receive a reward. Using embedded electrical probes, the experimental research team, led by Sam A. Deadwyler of the Wake Forest Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, recorded changes in the rat’s brain activity between the two major internal divisions of the hippocampus, known as subregions CA3 and CA1. During the learning process, the hippocampus converts short-term memory into long-term memory, the researchers prior work has shown.

“No hippocampus,” says Berger, “no long-term memory, but still short-term memory.” CA3 and CA1 interact to create long-term memory, prior research has shown.

In a dramatic demonstration, the experimenters blocked the normal neural interactions between the two areas using pharmacological agents. The previously trained rats then no longer displayed the long-term learned behavior.

“The rats still showed that they knew ‘when you press left first, then press right next time, and vice-versa,’” Berger said. “And they still knew in general to press levers for water, but they could only remember whether they had pressed left or right for 5-10 seconds.”

Using a model created by the prosthetics research team led by Berger, the teams then went further and developed an artificial hippocampal system that could duplicate the pattern of interaction between CA3-CA1 interactions.

Long-term memory capability returned to the pharmacologically blocked rats when the team activated the electronic device programmed to duplicate the memory-encoding function.

In addition, the researchers went on to show that if a prosthetic device and its associated electrodes were implanted in animals with a normal, functioning hippocampus, the device could actually strengthen the memory being generated internally in the brain and enhance the memory capability of normal rats.

“These integrated experimental modeling studies show for the first time that with sufficient information about the neural coding of memories, a neural prosthesis capable of real-time identification and manipulation of the encoding process can restore and even enhance cognitive mnemonic processes,” says the paper.

Next steps, according to Berger and Deadwyler, will be attempts to duplicate the rat results in primates (monkeys), with the aim of eventually creating prostheses that might help the human victims of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or injury recover function.

The paper is entitled “A Cortical Neural Prosthesis for Restoring and Enhancing Memory.” Besides Deadwyler and Berger, the other authors are, from USC, BME Professor Vasilis Z. Marmarelis and Research Assistant Professor Dong Song, and from Wake Forest, Associate Professor Robert E. Hampson and Post-Doctoral Fellow Anushka Goonawardena.

Berger, who holds the David Packard Chair in Engineering, is the Director of the USC Center for Neural Engineering, Associate Director of the National Science Foundation Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems Engineering Research Center, and a Fellow of the IEEE, the AAAS, and the AIMBE.

SOURCE USC Viterbi School of Engineering


Following the link to the University website we find the following research centers and programs associated with the school.

» Aviation Safety and Security Program
» Distance Education Network
» Masters and Professional Programs
» Globalization and International Programs 

National Research Centers

» Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems
» Center for Energy Nanoscience
» Integrated Media Systems Center
» DHS Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
» The National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research
» Listing of Viterbi School Research Centers and Labs

This technology has potential for a wide array of applications. It could even be the breakthrough needed to create the the first long-imagined artificial intelligence network.

However, given the association between the University and the Federal Government’s Department of Homeland Security, and related studies on terrorism, which is constantly being used as an excuse to chip away at the civil liberties and constitutional rights of US citizens, my bets are the Feds will use this in the war on terror before they try using it for good.

That means the potential for misuse to enact a true Orwellian-style “thought police” and even the ability to implement complete mind control among hosts.

Perhaps an even scarier thought is what becomes of this technology when it becomes wireless?

Alexander Higgins is a Senior NJ ASP.Net Developer. If you want the latest buzz, analysis, and news without the snooze, visit his comprehensive work at Alexander Higgins Blog 

This article was posted: Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 6:21 pm









Microchip Implants






Smart Dust


Forget traditional RFID... Smart Dust is here. It is so small that it can be introducted into the body through a typical Flu shot.







Smart Dust and Sensory Swarms and OpenWSN

 Smart Dust and Sensory Swarms and OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Mesh Networks








Spray-on antenna: Wireless in a can

Chamtech's spray-on antenna uses a nano material to provide a low-power boost to antenna range. The wireless-in-a-can product may some day bring an end to unsightly cell towers.


by Amanda Kooser
February 13, 2012 3:17 PM PST

It sounds like a particularly suspicious late-night infomercial: Spray your way to a better wireless signal! Improve your range! Save battery! Transmit over great distances under water!

But Chamtech's spray-on antenna is a real product with some impressive claims. It can be sprayed on almost any surface, even trees and orange barrels. It doesn't suck up power. It works in a mysterious nanotech way.

Here's how I imagine the antenna process goes:

Step 1: Spray antenna material on surface.
Step 2: Connect phone to material.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Make a phone call to the moon.

Chamtech co-founder Anthony Sutera imagines a world where wireless antenna towers are replaced with nano-paint on walls, and issues like iPhone Antennagate are a thing of the past.

"We have come up with a material that when you spray it on, it lays out just in the right pattern and all of these little capacitors charge and discharge extremely quickly in real time and they don't create any heat," Sutera says in a video presentation about the product.

One of Chamtech's tests turned an RFID chip with a 5-foot range into an RFID chip with a 700-foot range. The company lists a spray antenna kit on its site, but pricing for the public is not revealed. The U.S. government is reportedly already playing with the new material.

If all these claims bear out, then I can see everybody wanting to get their hands on a fresh can full of antenna. My only question is where in the grocery store it will be stocked: with the spray cheese or with the gold food paint?








Microchip Implants

New RFID Technology Allows You to be Tracked WITHOUT Your Knowledge



Louis Sirico
January 18, 2009

By invitation, I recently visited a remote facility in northern Virginia to see a demonstration of NOX – a new Intelligent Perimeter Defense system deployed by the FBI that uses covert Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track people and assets without their knowledge.

That’s right, using RFID to track people without their knowledge. This system is exactly what the privacy advocates have long feared: Big Brother tracking us with spy chips. As Orwellian as this sounds, the undisputed fact is that this system catches thieves and does so at a fraction of the cost of traditional security solutions.

NOX combines high-resolution video pictures and RFID for identification, tracking and tracing, overlaid in real time on a facility map to show the movement of people and assets. The system allows security officers to see theft as it happens, even if the stolen object is inside a briefcase, under a jacket, or stuffed inside a sock.

What makes the NOX system I saw different from traditional security systems is that it uses RFID for clandestine surveillance: RFID readers are hidden inside walls, floors, and ceilings; RFID tags are discretely placed; and only the security personnel know that the system is in place – until the thief gets caught. Then, all the thief knows is that he or she was caught in the act, on video.

"It takes a criminal twelve seconds to defeat a lock or fence. Yet, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create fences that only provide an illusion of security. NOX creates a virtual perimeter that tells us who is penetrating the perimeter, when they are doing it and, where it’s happening. With this information, we can respond with the appropriate level of force and prevent further penetration."
A commander with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), who asked to remain anonymous for this article.

There is serious motivation behind the development of NOX in both the government and private sectors. The reality is that traditional security systems are simply not proving to be effective against criminals. Beyond the obvious homeland security concerns, the NOX team places strong emphasis on the impact to our national economy. According to the American Management Association, 95 percent of all businesses are victimized by employee theft. Employees steal over a billion dollars a week from their employers and it takes $20 billion dollars in sales every week just to cover the losses. That’s a yearly economic impact of one trillion dollars. Yet, most companies are embarrassed to talk publicly about how serious this issue really is. They try to deal with it quietly by spending money on traditional security systems. The most shocking statistic is that even with all the money companies spend on security, 80 percent of all employees will be tempted to steal if given the opportunity, according to the FBI.

This is also placing a huge burden on our judicial system. Public order crime is rising faster than any other type of case, as shown in the graphic at right.

Privacy advocates will have an extremely difficult argument when facing numbers that motivate government and big business like these do. The NOX Team Director commented, "Our mission is not to invade privacy, simply protect the innocent. RFID is just a tool in our system. If RFID wasn’t available, we would tag by other means such as scent, chemicals, or dyes — and, in actuality we do. The right to privacy is important but privacy and anonymity are different. All RFID does is help prove what you did."

The NOX team has perfected dozens of methods of tagging people without their knowledge. 

One of the more covert technologies they employ is ID-Dust, serialized dust particles that can be interrogated like a RFID tag. The NOX team can coat a person or object with it to track movement. ID-Dust can show if an item was handled or it can even be sprinkled on the floor. People unknowingly pick up the ID-Dust on their shoes as they travel through a dusted area. The software combines the video surveillance and RFID information to create an association between the ID-Dust and a person. The ID-Dust allows the person’s movement to be tracked around a facility without the person ever knowing he or she is being tracked. While a criminal can easily defeat the motion sensors, the ID-Dust provides covert security with instant alerts when someone enters an area, plus a complete history of exactly where each person traveled and when.

Combining RFID and High Resolution Video Surveillance Cameras 

The system uses video surveillance cameras mounted in obvious locations and others that are hidden. I was surprised to learn that security personnel no longer need to sit and watch the video monitors; the RFID tags provide a far superior means of triggering alerts. A tag read in a particular location automatically triggers video recording and sends an instant alert to the security personnel’s mobile devices. In my demonstration an iPhone received a high definition picture of a theft in progress.

I was very fortunate to be given a single screen shot of the NOX Operations Center (below).

The areas being monitored include perimeter doors, staircases, cargo bays, storage areas, and even bathrooms. These locations were identified as prime locations for employee theft. NOX generates a security alert when an asset enters or leaves any of these areas. Of course, not all areas use video. The bathroom is a perfect example. The NOX system sweeps the bathroom with RF to determine what went in and came out. Video is used to capture when people leave the bathroom.

The RFID tags are custom to the NOX system. All I am authorized to print is that the asset tags are small, silent until activated (either via motion or external inputs), and secure – meaning they use encrypted RF conversations and cannot be duplicated. Certain facilities are not limited by FCC regulations, which allows NOX to overcome some of the limitations facing traditional RFID tags and equipment.

Understandably, the NOX team preferred not to answer the majority of my technical questions. They simply stated that they don’t want people to know how this is being done, only that it’s being done and the motivation behind it.

NOX is currently being offered to Government agencies and select commercial companies.

Resources sited: United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, American Management Association, and http://www.NoxDefense.com.

This article was posted: Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 12:15 pm





National I.D. Card


Katherine Albrecht's Testimony







 Expert Reveals The Technocratic Architecture of The Nwo

Alex welcomes "America's liberty belle" Dr. Katherine Albrecht to discuss the imminent threats to our digital and personal privacy and ways to overcome warrantless government spying. Alex also covers other major news items and takes your calls.







 Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps

Melissa welcomes Dr. Katherine Albrecht to discuss the imminent threats to our digital and personal privacy and ways to overcome warrantless government spying.


LINK :  RFID chip Mandatory at Schools






 The Technocracy That's Engineering The Entire World 1

Alex talks with human consciousness expert Dr. Nick Begich about social engineering, which is what politicians like Obama are using to manufacture consent from the American people for their brazen power grabs.
Stay in the know - Follow Alex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones
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The Technocracy That's Engineering The Entire World 2 


Alex continues with Dr. Nick Begich regarding the continued technocratic overpowering of humanity and the goal of eventually merging man with machine.
Stay in the know - Follow Alex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones
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The Technocracy That's Engineering The Entire World 3

Dr. Nick Begich continue the discussion of the rise of a new society, the use of computers to replace people and the inherent dangers of entrusting our fate to technology.
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Even President Eisenhower Gave Warning Of This Nefarious Agenda


Eisenhower's OTHER Warning; A Technocratic Elite Controlling Public Policy & the Military

Eisenhower's Full Address Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsSp1b...



Farewell Address to the nation, January 17, 1961. President Dwight Eisenhower' famous words regarding the future, (and now seen), perils caused by the rising military industrial complex. I was 4 when these words were spoken. Even at that time, the US war industry output was equal to the peace industry output. Now, much of the peace output of that time is gone and the country is but a war machine. All wars since WWll are unconstitutional, illegal and immoral, as they have been undeclared. The current war, which is against a tactic - the war against "terror" - and not against a defined enemy, will - by design - NEVER end...the dream war for the "machine" has arrived. The political power of the military industrial corporations, along with the banksters and the corrupt terrorist congress have resulted in a nightmare beyond the fears of President Eisenhower. 50 years down the road, and we are reaping, with many tears, what has been sown.


Eisenhower's opening thank you to the television networks was removed...there are no other edits.






WAR CRIMINAL SUPREME : Zbigniew Brzezinski

Infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people


Trilateral Takeover


The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy

History now reveals the original Trilateral strategy and the means by which they have carried it out

Founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission embarked on a New International Economic Order based on Technocracy. Brzezinski called this the "Technetronic Era" in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages. History now reveals the original Trilateral strategy and the means by which they have carried it out.



Transhumanism, Technocracy, Total Surveillance Society

Transhumanism, Technocracy and Total Surveillance Society are showcased in this 3 hour radio presentation with Patrick Wood, Carl Teichrib and Kaye Beach. It is a good primer and helpful to bring the listener to a solid basic understanding of what it all means.








Microchip Implants

Will Humanity Survive The Singularity?

The elite have made the decision to exterminate the useless eaters


Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As the elite steers technological progress towards the singularity – man merging with machine – the majority of humans will cease to have a purpose or even be able to function in a brave new world run by a scientific dictatorship, which is why the ruling classes have formally reached the decision to begin a ruthless program of extermination.

As Sun Microsystems’ Bill Joy explained in an April 2000 Wired Magazine piece entitled Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us, the elite sees the mass of humanity as superfluous. In the coming decades, all the functions performed by what can loosely be termed the lower classes will all be carried out by robots.

“Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the system. If the elite is ruthless they may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birth rate until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the elite,” writes Joy.

The only other scenario is equally chilling, with Joy seeing the best possible outcome for humanity a Brave New World-style system where every human action and behavior is tightly regulated by a scientific dictatorship.

If the elite consists of soft-hearted liberals, they may decide to play the role of good shepherds to the rest of the human race,” writes Joy. “They will see to it that everyone’s physical needs are satisfied, that all children are raised under psychologically hygienic conditions, that everyone has a wholesome hobby to keep him busy, and that anyone who may become dissatisfied undergoes “treatment” to cure his “problem.” Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove their need for the power process or make them “sublimate” their drive for power into some harmless hobby. These engineered human beings may be happy in such a society, but they will most certainly not be free. They will have been reduced to the status of domestic animals.”

Although they disguise this agenda behind environmental and social benevolence, the elite’s motivations for wanting the mass of people either downtrodden or eliminated are entirely selfish. They want sole access to the life-extension technologies that will see man merge with machine and create a new superclass of humans.

The elite see themselves as the rightful heirs to the very control of human evolution – they literally want to play God with the future of the species, despite the fact that the elite itself is historically inbred, a process which is known to cause delusions of grandeur and insanity.

The decision has now been made to herd humanity inside compact prison cities and gradually shut off their resources by charging more for less. This post-industrial revolution serves to drastically reduce living standards, creating a further gulf between the super-rich and the peasants and thereby facilitating the creation of a new master oligarchy.

The advancement of technology is not being used to empower humanity, but to enslave humanity. This process is being overseen by a technocracy that simultaneously expresses its desire to see the human population reduced in large numbers.

The elite have been obsessed with eugenics and its modern day incarnation, population control, for well over 100 years and that goal of global population reduction is still in full force to this day.

In 2009, the London Times reported on a “secret billionaire club” meeting which took place in New York and was attended by the likes of David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others. The meeting was focused around “how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population”.

We questioned establishment media spin which portrayed the attendees as kind-hearted and concerned philanthropists by pointing out that Ted Turner has publicly advocated shocking population reduction programs that would cull the human population by a staggering 95%. He has also called for a Communist-style one child policy to be mandated by governments in the west. In China, the one child policy is enforced by means of taxes on each subsequent child, allied to an intimidation program which includes secret police and “family planning” authorities kidnapping pregnant women from their homes and performing forced abortions.

Of course, Turner completely fails to follow his own rules on how everyone else should live their lives, having five children and owning no less than 2 million acres of land.

In the third world, Turner has contributed literally billions to population reduction, namely through United Nations programs, leading the way for the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet (Gates’ father has long been aleading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist).

The notion that these elitists merely want to slow population growth in order to improve health is a complete misnomer. Slowing the growth of the world’s population while also improving its health are two irreconcilable concepts to the elite. Stabilizing world population is a natural byproduct of higher living standards, as has been proven by the stabilization of the white population in the west. Elitists like David Rockefeller have no interest in “slowing the growth of world population” by natural methods, their agenda is firmly rooted in the pseudo-science of eugenics, which is all about “culling” the surplus population via draconian methods.

David Rockefeller’s legacy is not derived from a well-meaning “philanthropic” urge to improve health in third world countries, it is born out of a Malthusian drive to eliminate the poor and those deemed racially inferior, using the justification of social Darwinism.

As is documented in Alex Jones’ seminal film Endgame, Rockefeller’s father, John D. Rockefeller, exported eugenics to Germany from its origins in Britain by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich’s ideology of the Nazi super race. After the fall of the Nazis, top German eugenicists were protected by the allies as the victorious parties fought over who would enjoy their “expertise” in the post-war world.

In the latter half of the 20th century, eugenics merely changed its face to become known as “population control”. This was crystallized in National Security Study Memorandum 200, a 1974 geopolitical strategy document prepared by Rockefeller’s intimate friend and fellow Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger, which targeted thirteen countries for massive population reduction by means of creating food scarcity, sterilization and war.

The document, declassified in 1989, identified 13 countries that were of special interest to U.S. geopolitical objectives and outlined why population growth, and particularly that of young people who were seen as a revolutionary threat to U.S. corporations, was a potential roadblock to achieving these objectives. The countries named were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.

The study outlined how civil disturbances affecting the “smooth flow of needed materials” would be less likely to occur “under conditions of slow or zero population growth.”

“Development of a worldwide political and popular commitment to population stabilization is fundamental to any effective strategy. This requires the support and commitment of key LDC leaders. This will only take place if they clearly see the negative impact of unrestricted population growth and believe it is possible to deal with this question through governmental action,” states the document.

The document called for integrating “family planning” (otherwise known as abortion) with routine health services for the purposes of “curbing the numbers of LDC people,” (lesser-developed countries).

The report shockingly outlines how withholding food could be used as a means of punishment for lesser-developed countries who do not act to reduce their population, essentially using food as a weapon for a political agenda by creating mass starvation in under-developed countries.

“The allocation of scarce PL480 (food) resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production,” states the document.

Later in the document, the idea of enforcing “mandatory programs” by using food as “an instrument of national power” is presented.

The document states that the program will be administered through the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), thereby “avoiding the danger that some LDC leaders will see developed-country pressures for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a serious backlash.”

As Jean Guilfoyle writes, “NSSM 200 was a statement composed after the fact. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the U.S. had worked diligently behind the scenes to advance the population-control agenda at the United Nations, contributing the initial funding of $1 million.

A Department of State telegram, dated July 1969, reported the support of John D. Rockefeller III, among others, for the appointment of Rafael Salas of the Philippines as senior officer to co-ordinate and administer the UN population program. The administrator of the UN Development Program reported confidentially that he preferred someone such as Salas who had the “advantage of color, religion (Catholic) and conviction.”

 A comprehensive outline of what is contained in the National Security Memorandum document can be read at http://www.theinterim.com/july98/20nssm.html

In the 21st century, the eugenics movement has changed its stripes once again, manifesting itself through the global carbon tax agenda and the notion that having too many children or enjoying a reasonably high standard of living is destroying the planet through global warming, creating the pretext for further regulation and control over every facet of our lives.

As we have tirelessly documented, the elite’s drive for population control is not based around a benign philanthropic urge to improve living standards, it is firmly routed in eugenics, racial hygiene and fascist thinking.

The London Times reports that the secret billionaire cabal, with its interest in population reduction, has been dubbed ‘The Good Club’ by insiders. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who takes the time to properly research the origins of the “population control” movement will come to understand that the Rockefeller-Turner-Gates agenda for drastic population reduction, which is now clearly manifesting itself through real environmental crises like chemtrails, genetically modified food, tainted vaccines and other skyrocketing diseases such as cancer, has its origins in the age-old malevolent elitist agenda to cull the human “chattel” as one would do to rodents or any other species deemed a nuisance by the central planning authorities.

In reality, it’s not that the “future doesn’t need us” as Bill Joy put it, but that the elite has decided they don’t need us. This is why the ruling classes have embarked on a technocratic plan of domination and ultimately elimination.

This is also why humanity needs to regroup as a species and recognize the true threat to the survival of the race – the elite itself – because if that doesn’t happen we may not have a future to speak of at all.

In our next article we will look at how the technological singularity will manifest itself as robots take over the decision making process and humanity is forced to accept the terms of its enslavement by a ruthless technocracy or cease to exist altogether.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

This article was posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 9:58 am






Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era

George Orwell, famous for his stunningly accurate portrayal of a future police state in 1984, commented on Lewis’ book Hideous Strength. His commentary was published in the Manchester Evening News in 1945 with the headline “THE SCIENTISTS TAKE OVER.” Orwell wrote,


“All superfluous life is to be wiped out, all natural forces tamed, the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists, who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves. Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself.

--  George Orwell



"People involved in unskilled labor will become superfluous when their jobs are replaced by machines..."

-- Ray Kurzweil --






Powerful Interview: Daniel Estulin; Tranhumanism In The Age Of Transition


Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin joins Alex on the Radio transmission to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite's drive for total control. The elite are a predatory group that has infested mankind since the beginning of civilization. The culmination of all of that evil and power is being realized through transhumanism.









 Cybernetics, Teleportation and TransEvolution Of Humanity with Daniel Estulin

LINK : Bilderberg Group


TransEvolution and the imminent cybernetic future where artificial intelligence, life extensions, brain enhancement, genetic engineering, and teleportation will alter humanity are discussed with investigative journalist and author Daniel Estulin in this Buzzsaw interview with Sean Stone. Bringing light to the U.S. government's secret source documents, which plot the future of humanity and the intention of pursuing a nanotechnological future, Estulin makes a convincing argument for why the final generation of fully human beings is upon us as we head into a future where our humanity is lost so that technology and biology can become one in the promise of singularity and cybernetic immortality.

Daniel Estulin is an award winning investigative journalist and bestselling author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, published in 59 countries and translated into 34 languages. He was featured on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory television show. He is currently the host of RT TV show, DESDE LA SOMBRA, and has a new documentary on the Bilderberg Group.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:
Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:


00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:10 Introducing Daniel Estulin.
01:00 The technological trans-humanist agenda and saving the planet from ourselves.
06:00 Cybernetics, teleportation, and the creation of megacities.
12:00 Estulin's theory of the elitists' plan to control overpopulation.
18:00 Is the cybernetic future inevitable and can we ensure the survival of the human species by conquering space?
22:00 Estulin discusses meeting Fidel Castro and Castro's views on technology.
26:00 Spiritual self-improvement, neo-humanity and achieving cybernetic immortality.
32:00 Estulin explains how the government is actually targeting humans, not terrorists.
48:00 Thanks and goodbye.



Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era



Arguing that the race to better humankind is about to go to a new dimension as a result of a nanotechnological revolution, this enthralling read purports that the depth of progress and technological development is such that people in the very near future may no longer be fully human. TransEvolution discusses the transition from human to someone—or something—new and different and the increasing trend of implementing prosthetics, organ implants, bionic eyes, hearing aids, and other technological augmentations. Humans are capable of doing things they never imagined would be possible 20 years ago, and the rapid growth of this trend is nowhere near its end. But do the benefits of these advancements come with a price? Is humanity in danger because of this domination of science and technology? Bestselling author Daniel Estulin describes his vision of the future in which he believes the elite will employ their Promethean plans.






Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era

Technology Enhances Control: The Impact of Science on Society



Think about it.

The next time you hear grandiose claims about how much some philanthropist plans to save us all with science, ask yourself why Tesla’s free energy plan was kept from the world, but corporate agriscience is forced upon populations everywhere…




GMO Cloning Program

It has often been assumed that technology is magically in our hands for our betterment and delight. But insider authors including Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Jaques Ellul and Edward Bernays have all made clear that these are tools that make centralized control easier and more omnipresent.

The rise of the Scientific Dictatorship, which Russell describes in his 1952 Impact of Science on Society, puts individual freedom under threat, and society under the thumb of scientists working for the rulers. Technological aids for controlling fertility, genetically altering agriculture, people and animals, and for advancing the weapons of war are all discussed. Each of these examples and many more all strengthen, not weaken, the power handed to the controllers.


Bertrand Russell: World Government or ‘Extinction of Humanity’

From the Web



(Truthstream Media.com)





Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era



The ultimate question is no longer "who am I" or "why am I here." These questions were answered in the earliest civilizations by philosophers and priests. Today we live in an age of such rapid advances in technology and science that the ultimate question must be rephrased: what shall we be? This book investigates what may become of human civilization, who is setting the agenda for a trans-humanistic civilization, and why .

The modern Victor Frankenstein holds a high political office, carries diplomatic immunity, and is most likely funded by the largest corporations worldwide. His method is ancient: alchemy. His fraternities are well known and their secrets are well kept, but his goal of times past and present is the same; he dares to become as god, genetically manipulating the seeds of the earth, the beasts on the fields, and to claim legal ownership over humanity by re-creating it in his own image. This is no fairy tale, science fiction, or conspiracy theory it simply is!

Transhumanism, a Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by Dr.'s. Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart lifts the veil from the macabre transhumanistic monster being assembled and exposes the hidden history and agenda that has set humanity on a collision course for the Apocalypse.

Joseph P. Farrell, PhD, is the author of the best-selling Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda.




Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era 

Rockefeller’s Double Game in GMO Foods & Depopulation

Worldwide efforts to slow the birthrate through “family planning” and consolidate agriculture while imposing patented GMO seeds is part of a larger “alchemy” to re-engineer humanity. 



In this analysis of Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by authors Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Dr. Scott D. de Hart examines Chapter Five, Frankenfoods for the “Alchmo-vegetable” Frankenstein, outlining the nexus between the Rockefeller dynasty’s quest for Eugenics and their attempt to control the food supply. The Population Council, founded by John D. Rockefeller III, was a powerful vehicle to bring family planning – population control using “wanted children” as a banner for eugenics – to the developing world in the post-War era while Nelson Rockefeller would play a significant role in consolidating agriculture and increasing the world food supply. John D. Rockefeller III’s Agricultural Development Center would be another player.



GMO Genetic Armageddon!



Authors Farrell and de Hart, also citing heavily from F. William Engdahl’s Seeds of Destruction, point not only to an agenda to keep the population in check while creating new oligarchs of global farming and seed control, but an empire – one that the Rockefeller Foundation sketched out ahead of WWII in its sponsored Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace study that cast the United States as the new imperial giant, with the British Empire “passing the torch” and the U.S. controlling former colonies through economic schemes (i.e. World Bank, IMF, regional banks, et al.).

As if this weren’t far reaching enough, the Rockefellers have also pursued genetic modification to socially engineer mankind. GMO foods were a clear goal, according to Farrell and de Hart, who claim the family “realized that ‘science would eventually come to control the fundamental processes of biology’ [that] those associated with ‘the Rockefeller institutions saw it as the ultimate means of social control and social engineering, eugenics.’ To this end, the Rockefeller Foundation invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the 1980s, both directly and indirectly, to sponsor genetic research into food crops.”

Further, as The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology details, the Rockefeller family funded massive genetic research at numerous university departments in the aim of mastering the “Science of Man,” which would allow new applications in human contraceptives, sterilization procedures, gene targeting, endocrinology, hormonal and glandular techniques, biophysics, biochemistry and more.

In the end, those seeking control on a global scale implement their mechanism with an alchemical and transformative approach, combining several agendas in a synthesis that conditions society on multiple levels, never to be the same again.



(Truthstream Media.com)




Transhumanism: The New Dark Age

The Global Future 2045 International Congress, led by iconic futurist Ray Kurzweil and held in Moscow a few months back, lays out a stark vision of the future for neo-humanity where AI, cybernetics, nanotech and other emerging technologies replace mankind-- an openly transhumanist vision now being steered by the elite, but which emerged out of the Darwinian-circles directed by the likes of T.H. Huxley and his grandchildren Julian, who coined the term Transhumanism, and Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Resistance to this rapid shift in society, the 2045 conference argues, is nothing short of a return to the middle ages.
by Aaron Dykes





 Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era

United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future Where Man is Obsolete

Aaron Dykes
June 10, 2012


The Global Future 2045 International Congress, led by iconic futurist Ray Kurzweil and held in Moscow a few months back, lays out a stark vision of the future for neo-humanity where AI, cybernetics, nanotech and other emerging technologies replace mankind– an openly transhumanist vision now being steered by the elite, but which emerged out of the Darwinian-circles directed by the likes of T.H. Huxley and his grandchildren Julian, who coined the term Transhumanism, and Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Resistance to this rapid shift in society, the 2045 conference argues, is nothing short of a return to the middle ages.

As the video points out, the group admittedly met to draft “resolution that will be submitted to the United Nations demanding the implementation of committees to discuss life extension Avatar projects as a necessary tool in the preservation of humankind.”


2045: A New Era for Humanity


Russia 2045 dubs itself a ‘strategic social movement,’ with aims to ‘evolve humanity’ and extend life towards the everlasting. The project outlines a forecast for development in the following increments:

Now: the emergence of new Transhumanist movements & parties amid the ongoing socio-economic crisis between 2012-2013; new centers for cybernetic technologies to radically extend life, where the “race for immortality” starts by 2014, the creation of the avatar (robotic human copy) between 2015-2020, as well as robots to replace human manufacturing & labor, servant tasks; thought controlled robots to displace travel needs; flying cars, thought-driven communications implanted in bodies or ‘sprayed on skin.’ By 2025, the group foresees the creation of an autonomous system providing life support for the brain that is capable of ‘interacting with the environment’; brains transplanted into avatar bodies greatly expanding life and allowing complete sensory experiences. Between 2030-2035, the emergence of “Re-Brain,” a reverse-engineering of the human brain already being mapped out, wherein science comes ‘close to understanding the principles of consciousness.’ By 2035, the first successful transplantation of personality to other data receptacles and the “epoch of cybernetic immortality begins.” 2040-2050 brings the arrival of bodies ‘made of nano-robots’ that can take any shape, as well as hologram bodies. 2045-2050 will bring forth drastic changes to the social structure and sci-tech development. It is in this age that the United Nation’s original promise of the end to war & violence is again predicted, where instead “spiritual self-improvement” takes precedent. A New Era of Neo-Humanity Dawns, according to the video.

This is textbook Transhumanism, rooted in many ancient orders and the philosophy of eugenics.

At its heart, Transhumanism represents an esoteric quest for godhood among certain circles of the elite connected to masonry, occultism and science/technology wherein supposedly evolving, superior beings ‘ethically’ replace lesser humans. This philosophy is portrayed in this summer’s blockbuster Prometheus, a sort of prequel to the Alien series, and directed by Sir Ridley Scott, who founded the film franchise. See Alex’s highly accurate breakdown of the themes behind the movie below, which help illustrate the dangers of emerging technology in the hands of the elite who hold this vision:


Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked


Fittingly, two of the attendees at the 2012 anglophile Bilderberg meeting were Russians dealing with science & technology (though neither were apparently involved directly in this 2045 conference) including the owner of a Nano technology company, while Bilderberg steering committee members like Silicon Valley exec Peter Thiel are funding private space ventures, artificial island civilizations, next-gen Internet ventures and more.

RUS Chubais, Anatoly B. CEO, OJSC RUSNANO
RUS Ivanov, Igor S. Associate member, Russian Academy of Science; President, Russian International Affairs Council


This article was posted: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 6:13 pm

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"Dictatorship Without Tears" 
Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era 
Aldous Huxley Interview 1958 FULL 
Aldous Huxley - Speech at UC Berkeley, The Ultimate Revolution 1962 
Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era 
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World 
Original 1980 BBC Television Production



 Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment. When you start doing deep research into Agenda 21, you will find that describing it as a "comprehensive plan" is an understatement. Virtually all forms of human activity impact the environment. The rabid "environmentalists" behind the green agenda intend to take all human activity and put it into a box called "sustainable development". One of the key elements of "sustainable development" is population control. The United Nations (along with radical "environmental" leaders such as Al Gore) actually believes that there are far too many people on earth.

So what is the solution? Sadly, they actually believe that we need to start reducing the population. Most Americans don't grasp it yet, but the truth is that the global elite are absolutely obsessed with population control. In fact, there is a growing consensus among the global elite that they need to get rid of 80 to 90 percent of us.

The number one commandment of the infamous Georgia Guidestones is this: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." Unfortunately, a very high percentage of our global leaders actually believe in this stuff.

Sadly, this philosophy is now regularly being reflected in official UN documents. For example, the March 2009 U.N. Population Division policy brief begins with the following shocking statement....What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries? Apparently the poorest nations are the primary target for the population control freaks over at the UN.

FULL ARTICLE -- http://www.infowars.com/al-gore-agenda-21-and-population-control/





Megacities on the move - Planned-opolis

One of four scenarios exploring how we will live and travel in the cities of 2040. Planned-opolis: In a world of fossil fuels and expensive energy, the only solution is tightly planned and controlled urban transport. View other megacities on the move scenarios, download our toolkit and find out more about sustainable urban mobility at: http://www.forumforthefuture.org/projects/megacities-on-the-move








Megacities on the move - Communi-city
One of four scenarios exploring how we will live and travel in the cities of 2040. Communi-city: The world has turned to alternative energy, and transport is highly personalised with a huge variety of transport modes competing for road space. View other megacities on the move scenarios, download our toolkit and find out more about sustainable urban mobility at: http://www.forumforthefuture.org/projects/megacities-on-the-move 








Megacities on the move - Sprawl-ville

One of four scenarios exploring how we will live and travel in the cities of 2040. Sprawl-ville: The city is dominated by fossil fuel-powered cars. The elite still gets around, but most urban dwellers face poor transport infrastructure. View other megacities on the move scenarios, download our toolkit and find out more about sustainable urban mobility at: http://www.forumforthefuture.org/projects/megacities-on-the-move 




"Total control over the economic process depends directly upon total information awareness within that economic system!  And now you know why they need : A Total Surveillance Society" 

-- Patrick Wood --


The NSA (National Security Agency)

"Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." 

-- Zbigniew Brzezinski --

Founder of The Trilateral Commission




NSA Whistleblower: Everyone is Under Virtual Surveillance, All Info Stored, No Matter The Post

LINK : The NSA (National Security Agency)




Obamacare Creates Psychiatric Police State

This means a comprehensive data base, accessible by law-enforcement personnel and anyone else involved in doing background checks These "problematic" patients will be kept from buying a new weapon, too. Otherwise, the law would have no teeth.


As usual, the devil is in the details. Psychiatrists will err on the side of caution and report many patients. No shrink wants to blink into television cameras after one of his patients has just shot his father.

Patients who want to own weapons will lie to psychiatrists about their thoughts and feelings, never admitting they're considering suicide or murder.

After such a murder, a psychiatrist will say: "He never said anything about killing anybody. Here, look at my notes. There's nothing there."

For this and other reasons, such as the existence of the data base, doctor-patient confidentiality will go out the window. http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/201...


LINK :  Health Care





 Transhumanism And The Technocratic Era

N.Y.’s Data Collection Program Tracks Students From Preschool to Career

Program will allow state and federal agencies to access student records


Kit Daniels
January 27, 2014

New York’s new, multi-agency surveillance program will collect data on public school students, starting from preschool to their entry into the workforce and potentially throughout their entire lives.

Developed by the New York State Education Department, funded by the federal government and promoted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the P-20 data collection program allows government entities to share and access records for every student in the state with the overall goal of monitoring individuals from childhood to death.

“By working in collaboration with other state agencies, the New York State Education Dept. will be able to establish a P-20 data system without duplication of effort and cost,” a U.S. Dept. of Education web site states. “It will allow NYSED and other agencies to link data without the need for agencies to unnecessarily add new regulations or seek legal policies to collect data out of their purview.”

“In the end, it will provide a more robust state data system.”

New York began development of the P-20 program as early as 2008 and has received over $40 million in federal and state grants since then, according to USA Today.

The program was named P-20 to indicate the tracking of students from pre-kindergarten to around age 20 when they enter the workforce.

“Data is painting a profile of a student that is richer and more valuable than ever before,” Jim Shelton, a U.S. Education Department official who previously worked for the Gates Foundation, said recently.

He also added that the P-20 program leads to “progress.”

Others, however, have pointed out the obvious privacy issues and Orwellian characteristics of this data collection.

“This throws up so many red flags for me as a parent, a tech guy and an educator,” technology training specialist Brian Wasson said to USA Today. “As this develops, will they decide to use this data for more than research?

“I don’t buy the rationale for it.”

The real reason behind the program is to integrate personal records held by various government departments into a centralized database which can then be shared and accessed by a multitude of state and federal agencies.

The idea for such a database existed as far back as 2002 when the New York Times reported that the Pentagon wanted to analyze Americans’ educational, criminal, financial, medical, and travel records in order to profile every citizen in the country.

This goal came to fruition in the past year when the Dept. of Health and Human Services rolled out the Federal Data Services Hub, a comprehensive database which provides federal entities real-time, electronic access to dossiers on Americans compiled with information from the IRS, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Justice Dept. and others.

No doubt that the records collected under the P-20 program will also eventually appear in this data hub.

This article was posted: Monday, January 27, 2014 at 2:54 pm






P20 Councils are education data collection boards set up in each state via state legislation. P stands for Pre-School and 20 stands for 20 years of age - the ages during which public schools will collect data on students for the state and federal governments to use and share. Each Council determines how and with whom to share educational data and what data will be collected. In Oklahoma, our P20 Council has made it known that they wish to collect data from home school students. Why?



RFID chip Mandatory at Schools


'Alarming!' NY state steps up surveillance on...kids

[Collecting The Data of 3.6 Million Kids]

New York state authorities are planning to step-up surveillance - this time, on school kids. The program, which is to be launched state-wide, is supposed to gather information on students starting from the age of five. And as RT's Marina Portnaya reports, the move is finding little support among parents.

-- Collecting The Data of 3.6 Million Kids --
The Department of Education is creating a statewide data base: that will include the names, addresses, test scores, learning disabilities, attendance, and disciplinary records of every single public school student! The data collection begins at the age of 5yr...


inBloom in use





LINK :  Educational System Dismantlement






Smart Technology:

Panopticon-like Surveillance of Everyone

Smart Tyranny: How to resist the smart grid

PLEASE SUPPORT BFP: http://ur1.ca/gnpck
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=8781

Smart technology represents less of a breakthrough in power distribution and more of a revolution in complete, constant, panopticon-like surveillance of everyone. As these smart technologies begin to invade our homes, we are becoming mere nodes in a giant network that we yet but dimly comprehend. Called the "Internet of Things," the plan is to create a network that will eventually include every single object on the planet. And as the public is finally becoming aware, such networks provide golden opportunities for corporations and governments alike to collect data and spy on the population.







"Consider the problem of over-population. Rapidly mounting human numbers are pressing ever more heavily on natural resources. What is to be done?... The annual increase of numbers should be reduced. But how? We are given two choices -- famine, pestilence and war on the one hand, birth control on the other. Most of us choose birth control." 
-- ALDOUS HUXLEY, Brave New World Revisited --

Millions To Be Killed Under Agenda 21!






Enviro-Eugenicists Announce Mass Die-Off

Soft Kill Depopulation Prgm.





Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic Pollution

Created by cell phones, power lines, computers and microwaves, as well as other electronic and magnetic devices, EMFs [Electromagnetic Fields] wreck havoc on the body. These fields induce brain fog, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue in those who are sensitive...Linked with cancer, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, miscarriage and a host of other devastating diseases, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a serious modern concern. And exposure is almost impossible to avoid. But with diet and a measure of awareness, the dangers of EMFs can be reduced.



The Truthseeker: 'Casualty catastrophe': Cell Phones And Child Brains (E26) 

Insurers stop covering for cell phone use, called the next 'casualty catastrophe' after tobacco and asbestos; phone manufacturers hit with a class action and personal lawsuits; and the warning deep inside your mobile. Seek truth from facts with Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan is suing the industry for his brain tumor, 'cell phone survivor' Bret Bocook, leading radiation biologist Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, Microwave News editor Dr. Louis Slesin, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, and former senior White House adviser Dr. Devra Davis. Read the full transcript here http://on.rt.com/jnaahv 





"It's essentially cooking the brain"

Keith L. Black
American neurosurgeon specializing in the treatment of brain tumors and a prolific campaigner for funding of cancer treatment


Electromagnetic Pollution








"Consider the problem of over-population. Rapidly mounting human numbers are pressing ever more heavily on natural resources. What is to be done?... The annual increase of numbers should be reduced. But how? We are given two choices -- famine, pestilence and war on the one hand, birth control on the other. Most of us choose birth control." 
-- ALDOUS HUXLEY, Brave New World Revisited


LINK : Depopulation Agenda






[Help Educate Family And Friends With This Page And The Links Below]




 Big Brother/Sis And Surveillance Systems


Big Brother/Sis & Surveillance Systems

The NSA (National Security Agency)



Microchip Implants

India Biometrics 1.2 Billion People

National I.D. Card

Communications Takeover by EAS

Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices


10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will EVER Be Private Again


Facedeals scans your face to customize deals

RFID chip Mandatory at Schools





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look into it videos 


invisible empire



hollerith dvd


obama deception


fall of the republic


Aaron Russo 


Terror Storm final cut 



police state 4


blueprint of madmen